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May 8, 2014 07:47 PM

Cook goes off the list: TOO LOUD

I like the space. I like the menu. I could not hear my companions. So "the ladies who lunch" will return to either Catalyst or the Fireplace where they can have good food and actually visit. Noise Cook's Cook Goose for us. Alas

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  1. I hope everyone will list the places they will avoid because of the noise.

    Thanks to teezeetoo for this helpful information.

    I'll join you in skipping this one.


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      A list would be great, BostonZest. There are some places I won't go to solely because they are so noisy that I might as well not go with anyone because I literally can't talk to them.

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        And here's another, even more recent thread:

        BTW, 4estchows, who started that thread, listed Bronwyn among the noisy restaurants, but I have to disagree. The first dinner we had there, in the main dining room, was pretty noisy, it's true. But that was in May of last year, very shortly after they first opened; two later meals in the biergarten were fine, and Jenny Ondioline and I enjoyed an early dinner at the bar this past Sunday, and found it entirely bearable - in particular, the music seems to be much quieter than it used to be. As others have mentioned, they have added some sound baffling, which seems to be a help. In any case, we had no trouble either talking to each other or communicating with our excellent servers across the width of the bar.

      2. Sadly the new Audubon seems to have succumbed to this trend. The music is turned up just enough so you have to raise your voice a bit above normal. A roomful of people doing this is grating. (And FWIW the times I've been the music is very Big Chill. You feel like you're in a PBS fundraiser.)

        The old Audubon managed to play varied interesting music and kept it low enough that even when the place was crowded you didn't have to shout.

        Gaslight wins though on excessive noise. Literally made our ears hurt.

        1. Bukowski's in Inman is often one of the worst... except in the summer when they have the garage doors open. At that point, they turn down the music so they don't annoy the neighbors.