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May 8, 2014 06:03 PM

allergy free flours

Hi, my son has an allergy to soy and mustard. To cope with this I have started baking much of our own bread and snacks.Does anyone know of any bread flours that dont list either of these as possible contaminates.?

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  1. Most flours will not contain soy, so I am assuming your son can't have any flour that is processed in a facility that also processes soy? I know King Arthur Gluten Free flour is processed in a facility that is free of common food allergens (soy, milk, eggs, gluten) but the downside is gluten free flour. Have you considered grinding your own wheat? You may also find a local person who grinds wheat. Chances are they wouldn't be processing soy in the same facility if it is a small operation.

    1. White lily only lists wheat as a possible allergen (which it sounds like is not the issue here)
      They have amazing customer service, call to check. Their products are amazing.

      1. Nameste prides itself on being major allergen free, but as always, check the packaging.

        And good luck!