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May 8, 2014 05:50 PM

July Trip. Here are my meals.

We are a family of 3 on a month long road trip. Trying to keep prices medium to low but I know we are going to break the bank a few times. 1 Kid age 12. We are staying by Frenchmen St. Here are our restaurants. if anyone knows something I need to change, let me know!

Tues, July 1 - Driving in from Lafayette. Stopping for Dinner at Dragos, mostly for the oysters

Wed, July 2 - Walking around the French Quarter all day. Lunch at Gumbo Shop. Afternoon tour of French market and get some fried pickles from Fiorella's and a crab cake from meals from the heart. Pre dinner drink at Pat Obriens. Have to meet up with a tour company for a ghost tour at Johnny White's hole in the wall so closest good restaurant I can find for dinner is Vacherie. Look pretty decent.

Thurs, July 3 - Hiking in Barataria Preserve in the morning followed by Lunch at Crescent Pie. head over to Nonna Randazzo for some cake then tour Chalmette Battlefield. Dinner will be a drink at Carousel Bar, Shrimp at Mr. B's Bistro, a drink at Napoleon House, and dessert at Café Du Monde.

Fri, July 4 - Spending the day boating. On the way back to the hotel, get dinner at Parkway

Sat, July 5 - Tour Garden District then Lunch will be brunch at Commanders palace. Dinner will be walking around French quarter and getting Happy Hour pizza at Domenica, a drink at Sazerac, oysters at Feliz, and Beignets at Café Beignet for dessert

Sun, July 6 - Afternoon plane flight home. Do lunch before at Cochon Butcher

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  1. Bud's Broiler is one of my guilty pleasures. I always manage to squeeze in a stop at one of their eateries when I visit. Your twelve-year old may appreciate it.

    1. I'm curious about Vacherie, for some reason I've never been ... do report back. I like the rest of your schedule (though the Chalmette Battlefield is ... well, what it is; I think a stroll around City Park would be a hellava lot more fun).

      Near Frenchmen: Buffa's has music in the back room that your youngster will be able to see as it's all ages (Thursdays are usually excellent). And the million dollar hot dog stand on Frenchmen is actually pretty decent should you be looking for such a late night nosh.

      1. Nice selection. Glad to see a few local things other than just dining, but they just build the appetite.

        Try to do your outdoorsy stuff early in the summer.

        1. On the 4th, plan to hang out by the river and catch the fireworks. They start around 9ish.

          1. I'm jealous that you're going to Parkway. It's always one of my first stops whenever I come home...
            Hot ham and cheese poboy dressed with creole mustard...