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May 8, 2014 05:39 PM

My Nashville Trip in June

Based on looking through the boards and where we will be in and around the city, this is where we are going. We are a family of 3 with one kid age 12. Looking for good food, prefer price midrange and down as this is a long trip with lots of expenses

Saturday, June 21 - Drive in from Cumberand Gap - Dinner at Rolf and Daughters then Palettas
Sunday, June 22 - Heading out of town on a day trip then back in town in time for Dinner at City House, then to Jenni
Monday, June 23 - Lunch at Arnolds, dinner Lockland Table
Tuesday, June 24 - Lunch Pfunky Griddle (my kids likes to cook), Dinner at Princes before the Opry
Wednesday, June 25 - Walking around downtown - Etch for Lunch, dinner at Wildhorse so we can do some line dancing.

If anyone has any serious negs or serious recommendations, let me know. Thanks!

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  1. i believe pfunky might be a breakfast only type of place. i would recommend marche, fido, the southern steak & oyster, or frothy monkey for breakfast.

    you can take the little one to desano for fantastic pizza. huge open kitchen with lots of interaction, and i believe they let kids get their hands in to some dough.

    while prince's is the original hot chicken shack, i would personally recommend hattie b's for convenience of location.

    everything else looks great.

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      Also be careful with Prince's as their hours are a bit strange. We showed up one day only to find them closed.

      I'll also add in Rotier's for a great burger and some other fabulous stuff. Mrs. Sippi said they make the best pimento cheese she's ever had. Fabulous gizzards as well.
      We also had an amazing breakfast at Pancake Pantry. There is usually a line but it moves quickly.


    2. Rotier's is good not great. If you like your eateries sanitary you might want to reconsider Prince's and try Hattie B's or 400 degrees. The turnip greens and chili chocolate pie at Arnold's are off the chain. Let us know how it goes.

      1. Check out Husk for lunch on Tuesday; that's the day that they do their fried chicken! $12 and it comes with two sides, I believe.