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May 8, 2014 05:30 PM

Denver top eats

Ciao chowhounders!

I'm planning my first visit to the city of Denver and am excited to check out the tasty local food and craft beer the area has to offer. I started a list of all the spots that peaked my interest and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the compelling choices. I'm open to happy hours, brunch, lunch, dinner or late night eats, as I'm going to try and cram as many spots into my short visit as possible. I'd really appreciate any feedback on the places on my list, places not to miss, places I should ax, or other spots that you really dig that aren't on my list. My most important restaurant choice is for Sunday brunch, so if nothing else, let me know where to go in the city for a brunch I won't soon forget. Thanks for your time and help!

Here's my list of places that peaked my interest:
Colt and Gray
Old Major
Fuel Cafe
Table 6
Sushi den
Punch Bowl Social
Beatrice and Woodsley
Biker Jim's Gourmet Hot Dogs
Root Down
Beast and Bottle

& my list for libations:
New Belgium brewery
Great Divide Brewery
Avery Brewery
Falling Rock Tap House
Green Russell
Roosevelt Co
Williams and Graham

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  1. You should consider Populist.

    1. Nice list. I would not skip Colt and Gray or Williams and Graham. My favorite bunch in town is Bistro Vendome.

      1. I've only been to a handful, but I really enjoyed Colt & Gray and Beast & Bottle. I didn't think Ace was anything super special so I would skip that.

        I also enjoyed a late night meal at the bar at Squeaky Bean recently... delicious and very reasonably priced.

        I love brunch at Panzano, but I haven't been to many others to compare it to.

        Biker Jim's is definitely a great lunch option, and uniquely Denver... worth a visit for sure.

        1. I would skip Sushi Den, but of course that also depends on where you're coming from. from LA or NY definitely skip sushi Den as you will be underwhelmed. I'm used to ok sushi in LA which is Sushi Gen or Kiriko and that would blow anyone out the park in Denver. I'm not used to good sushi places specializing firecracker rolls. There is another place which I have tried yet called Epernay. Their fusion rolls at least sound like there is some thought behind them besides, let's douse everything in dynamite sauce!

          OTOH, Acorn will do you right and the prices in Denver are pretty decent for the quality of food you get. You will not be disappointed with Avery. You can try Upslope and Fate as well if you're in the Avery neighborhood. Upslope is a tasting room only but Fate has a full farm to table menu which is really good for beer food.

          1. If you're going all the way up to Fort Collins to New Belgium Brewery, I'd say don't miss Funkwerks! Amazing beers.