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May 8, 2014 04:18 PM

One Meal in Prague

I'm going to be passing through Prague for the first time, and much to my dismay will only have time for one dinner. I've been trying to figure out where to go- I'd like something at least vaguely Czech (roast duck would be nice...), not too expensive (ideally under 600 Czk not including alcohol), and either walking distance from my old town hotel or very near a metro stop (I'll have just flown overnight and am likely to be very tired). I'll be alone as well, so it would be nice to have a dinner place where that won't be awkward.
I've read all of the old threads that I can find - most seem to either have a single vote for a place, or focus on more expensive places like Sansho and Degustation. The closest match to my fussy criteria appears to be Lokal, but I can't find any recent positive reviews-- most of the raves are from years ago, and the few recent reviews I can find were mixed.
For those of you who eat in Prague regularly, is Lokal still good (the one near Old Town)? Or is there somewhere else I should try instead, that meets most or all of my desires? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    1. I'd vote for Lokál on Dlouhá if you want Czech food. You can't really go wrong there.
      Prices are great so you can get an appetizer and well as a main dish and sides.
      Not an awkward place to dine alone, either.

      1. Thanks to both of you! I hadn't seen the recent update to that thread. I've made a reservation at Lokal
        and am looking forward to it.

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          Enjoy your dinner! And hope you have time for a quick stroll through Old Town and down to Charles Bridge for a gander at Prague Castle.

        2. You can't go wrong at Lokal, try and get a seat at one of the large tables, that way you can share it with others.


          1. Most of what was posted here about Lokal is right.
            Have a look at Konirna on the castle side.
            Please understand that given the exchange rate of the czech crown, which is a strong currency, you might have to reconsider your 600 limit a little upwards.

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              Don't know where OP is from but our dinner for two (as described above) with three wines, a beer, VAT and 15% tip was US$35. We found the food in Prague quite reasonable.

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                For one meal at Lokal if you spend more than 300CZK, not including beer, you will leave stuffed beyond belief. Most appetizers are under 100CZK and their mains are almost entirely below 200CZK. Here's the menu with prices so you can plan.