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May 8, 2014 03:41 PM

Moody's banh mi

I'm usually a Dorchester Ave banh mi guy, but this is the second time I've had the Moody's version and it's just a thing a beauty, hounds.

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  1. Quite a ways from traditional, but really delicious, and a bit staggering. The pork belly is something else.


    1. So true. I don't know what I ate. I never had anything that tasted like this but every bite I took, the flavors in and around my mouth just made sense. So Good. Big fan of everything (so far) that Moody's does.

      1. We tried it a few months ago, and we liked it but found it unbelievably salty. Appears to be due to the fish sauce in their dressing; too much for us. (They very nicely remade ours w/ no dressing but then it lacks alot.)

          1. re: DrMag

            Upper end of Moody Street in Waltham, a couple of doors up from Bombay Mahal, across the street from Erawan of Siam: http://moodyswaltham.com/

            I'm telling everyone I know that cares about food to get over there ASAP if they haven't already. Something new and special, I think.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Thanks, I just looked at the website, it looks worth a trip!

          2. I haven't had the bang mi yet, but I will tell you the cuban is one of the best I have ever had. It really came down to the pulled pork which is just amazing. Got to get there for some other sandwiches soon.