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Jul 19, 2004 10:35 AM

Adonis Lebanese market location

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Does anyone know the address for the Adonis market? This is a great Lebanese supermarket I went to a year ago. I find two different addresses for it on the internet now, one on Boul de L'Acadie, and the other on Sauve W. Are these two different locations? Also, when I look up Boul de L'Acadie on yahoo maps, it doesn't find anything. Did the name of the street change?

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  1. They moved a while ago. The store used to be on Acadie but is now located at 2001 Sauvé West (514 382-8606). I believe there's also a branch in Roxboro or environs.

    1. it moved. no longer on l'acadie. only sauvé location!

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        There's also a West Island location as bftp noted. It's in Roxboro at 4601 Sources.

      2. I go up there frequently the exit is l acadie it's a few miles down on the left at a major intersection past krispee kreeme amd costco you turn left theres a large building on the corner on the left with Addoni on the building a bank is there too the market is next door huge market

        1. I was online looking for the Adonis supermaket and saw your request.

          This Adonis is on the north side of Sauve - 2 minutes from the corner of L'acadie Blvd. On the corner of L'acadie and Sauve, is a dentists office, next (going
          west) is Laurentian Bank , a parking lot, then you cant miss the huge Adonis! (Sauvé becomes Cote Vertu Blvd at some point)

          I know the area, as my bank is here. Try the online yellow pages to find the Address and phone number, in case they have moved!

          then use Mapquest to trace it from your home. If you are taking the bus, and the store is still there, the 121 East at Cote Vertu Metro will take you there :D

          for bus shedules in montreal: dial AUTOBUS

          take care, and enjoy :D