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May 8, 2014 02:53 PM


Has anyone here ever had a properly prepared ortolan?

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  1. I tought Ortolan was an extinct (or nearly instinct) species?

    In France (and Europe) it is a protected species and cannot be hunted.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      You are correct. That doesn't mean that people don't eat it everyday.

      1. re: jpc8015

        Absolute knowledge I have none
        But my aunt's washerwoman's sister's son
        Heard a policeman on his beat
        Say to a laborer in the street
        That he knew a deponent of Gallic mein
        Gifted with gall and Gaulic means
        Of ferreting out the wiles and ways
        Of Ortelan poachers, a Noble Tribe
        Whose evasive art is evocative still
        In small-ish taverns..say what you will.

        "To eat the bird is illegal" you say
        If an Eagle is ill it's hard to say
        What fate may befall that sickly raptor.
        But an "Ill Eagle" is not a crime
        An ortelan on the wing's no good:
        perforce its good when brought to earth.
        Where a cook--not chef--works small charms
        To cook the damn thing without any number of television cameras recording the Last time It Will Ever Be Done I saw (ate) it three times in my life.

        Translation: You can get it. I betray my [fill in blank] background when I state that it was nothing remarkable. Fun? yes.


        1. re: hazelhurst

          Did you drape the linen over your head to hide your shame from God?