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May 8, 2014 01:44 PM

Restaurant gift card

I have a niece who has been accepted at Berklee and I am trying to get her a gift to use in Boston.

The Forum was recommended to me but after several calls and e-mails over 10 days, and promises made by them, nothing was done.

Are there some other good area restaurants that might offer gift cards? Now that I have no time to spare, where it can preferably done on-line.

Thanks for any help.

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  1. I would try Eastern Standard Kitchen, Island Creek Oyster Bar as two of Boston's best places.

    1. Eastern Standard. Most popular gift I ever gave was a gift card to Eastern Standard.

      1. Many of the Berklee student can be feasting at a small Thai Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Basil across Massachusetts Avenue from the school.

        I love Eastern Standard and Island Creek but they are special occasion places for students.

        Her treat from you would go much farther at Pho Basil.

        You might also consider a general card like American Express where she would be able to sample a few places for a change of pace meal.


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          1. re: BostonZest

            Thank all of you for your help. I went with Eastern Standard as it is a special occasion place, a place for a "reward" meal. Also, it is gluten friendly, a factor.

            She (her family) can well afford day to day expenses so this is a special bouquet to be kept on the desk until needed or shared with a friend.

            I've been trying for several years to get back to Boston. I understand that Preacher Jack is back playing at a bar in Cambridge

            1. re: collardman

              Great choice. The recipient of my gift card to Eastern Standard was about the same age and used it for a special treat. I was quickly elevated to Favorite Relative status and that continues to this day. The outdoor patio is lovely, but the whole place does get crazy on game days. (Red Sox.) Fun crazy, but crazy.

            1. re: jmarya

              That would also be a great idea. Breakfast all day is something student's need.

            2. If it were me, the college me, I think I would appreciate a gift card to a special occasion place, to save until I really "needed" to use it, as well as a general Amex type card,to use for every day stuff like pizza and coffee. That is, of course, if you can afford both. If she's just starting Berklee, probably not old enough to purchase alcohol.

              Or give her a credit card gift card for now, and tell her another will follow for her birthday, or end of semester, or whatever, for a special occasion place after she's gotten acclimated and has some idea about what locations and foods she might like in Boston.

              If Berklee is like most colleges, they'll have a loaded debit card students can use for coffee, pizza, etc. not just on campus but also at eateries nearby. Especially in the first weeks, she's probably going to want to stay nearby and if you could add some $$$ to her card, that would probably be very appreciated.

              You are a wonderful aunt!