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May 8, 2014 01:01 PM

recommended salads and/or vegetable dishes served at dinner, preferably at moderately-priced to upscale restaurants in Montreal?

I've had some lovely salads and/or vegetable dishes at Milos, Cafe Ferreira, Damas, Europea, Lemeac, Laloux and L'Express on past visits.

Which moderate to upscale restaurants would you recommend for salads or vegetable-focused dishes, and which salads and dishes would you recommend?

The presence of seafood/poultry/meat/egg/cheese in any of the recommended salad or vegetable dish is fine with me.

Any type of cuisine is fine. Restaurant suggestions closer to the Plateau, Mile End, Outremont, Old Montreal or downtown would be preferable.

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    1. re: j_do

      Thanks. I realize Le Vin Papillon changes their menu daily, and that picklebird liked the mackerel and foie on a recent visit.

      Which vegetable dishes or salads have you liked?
      Le Vin Papillon thread: