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May 8, 2014 12:47 PM

Anyplace to buy Bao in North County?

Wife and I cook Chinese fairly frequently and love to accompany it with different Bao--Baked BBQ buns, Steamed buns, Curry Beef turnovers, Pate chaud, etc. We live in North County and it's kind of a drag having to drive down to Convoy or City Heights every few months to stock up. Does anybody know of a bakery, grocery, etc. a little closer to our home base that might sell some of these goodies?

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  1. Your best bet might be places like Costco or Sam's Club in their freezer section.

    The other option might be Lita's Fish Market in Oceanside, which has a section of baked goods, although they lean primarily Filipino.

    1. Where are you in North County? The new version of La Sorpresa Barata in Escondido is actually an Asian market, not (fully) Mexican anymore. The one time I went in, I saw a wide selection of frozen goods. I recall a number of prepared frozen foods, not just frozen seafood and cooking ingredients. You could call them and ask.
      Our other 2 Asian markets have frozen goods also, but I've looked more carefully through them over the years and have not seen any bao.
      Making BBQ pork bao at home isn't very hard; makes a fun weekend project. I'm sure they would freeze well.