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May 8, 2014 12:46 PM

24 hours in Naples


We (my daughters and myself) are taking my 85-year old mother on her bucket list trip this July which includes Capri. We will be coming into Naples and then straight to Capri, but will return Saturday afternoon and stay till Sunday afternoon in Naples. She is not incredibly mobile so we hope to place ourselves somewhere easy for her to manuever and where we could have a few nice meals; especially and including pizza (we are NY City dwellers/pizza lovers)!

Any suggestions of favorite area and restaurants there; they can't be difficult to get to or hard to maneuver for my mom.

Thank in advance-

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  1. The luxury hotels along the Via Partenope might prove to be advantageous. They overlook the Bay, are close to the ferry terminal and access to decent dining is a simple (and elegant) stroll away. Some examples:

    Sorbillo, a top pizzeria, has an outpost on the block. Storie e Saporie, very good seafood, is at the marina across the street, sits in the shadow of the castle and has views of Vesuvius. La Cassa di Ninetta is also in the neighborhood. I like it a lot.

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      That looks like a lovely place to start, exploring, thank you so much !

    2. If your mother truly has limited mobility I agree that you might want to stay in the Santa Lucia area, near the harbor. It is relatively flat area to walk in, and likely the hotels on Via Partenope have elevators. We did not ourselves care much for that area, though I have never visited it "in season" when it may be more charming - it used to be a fishing port but now it seems purely touristic. I am sure you can follow Steve's advice and eat well - we like Sorbillo too.

      Hope you are able to visit the historic center as well during your day in Naples - Sunday is pretty quiet with many of the businesses and restaurants (and of course schools) closed, but the old city is extremely interesting.

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        Hi Jen,

        The luxury hotels on the esplanade (Hotel Excelsior, Vesuvio, InterContinental, others) have all been there for a long time. They have lifts. The Castel dell'Ovo, across the street, is the one that overlooks the sailboat marina, not the ferry and cruise ship docks that are way down the road and near the Castel Nuovo.

        Mark Twain had some nice things to say about the adjoining Riviera di Chiaia back in the day. I stayed there last month.

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          Understand. I agree its probably the place for these folks to stay - Im just saying that particular strip, Santa Lucia, is in my opinion not a very interesting part of Naples.compared to other parts - a nice hotel with a view can cushion that for sure. We spent the better part of an afternoon in that area, including walking around the harbor restaurants,and climbing over what is to be seen of the Castel dell'Uovo (not much)

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            I think it works for the original poster.

            As an aside, Deb and I will be back to Naples next April. So much more to eat, see, do.

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              Agreed....thank you both. I booked a night in the area.

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                I just got back from a few days in Naples.

                The new Sorbillo along the Lungomare is ok. There is better pizza in Naples, but the setting with it's views of the castle and across to Capri are wonderful.

                I had a fantastic pizza at Pizzeria Mattozzi Via Filangieri 16.

                I love having a drink at the elegant Cafe Gambrinus and always have at least one pastry from the cart Sfogliatelle Mary in the Galleria Umberto.

                Make sure to buy a bag of fresh Taralli from Leopoldi at the beginning of via Chiaia.