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Recommendations near Grand Hyatt


I'll be coming to NYC in June and staying at the Grand Hyatt. I know there are threads that have asked this question before but I haven't seen an updated one. We've been to NYC before and love it!

We like ethnic food of all types. I don't want to go anywhere that will break the bank. I have started compiling a list of places we must go (Ma Peche, Russ and Daughters Café, Taqueria, Dominique Ansel Bakery, Los Tacos #1). I know we'll have to take the subway to most of these but I wanted to find some places near the hotel as hubby is in a conference and at night we probably won't venture too far away from hotel.

A good sushi recommendation would be great. Mediterranean too.

I'd love to go to EMP but that will break the bank. Might have to settle for Jean George for lunch (which we've been to before and it was amazing).

Thanks for your help.


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  1. Try Szechuan Gourmet on 39th and 5th.

    Del Posto and Le Bernardin are also good for lunch.

    1. Don't forget Kee's Chocolate and Laduree :)

      1. When were you in NYC last and what were the places you liked best?

        These two links are fairly up to date:

        Where to Eat Near Grand Central/Midtown East:

        You'll be near Sushi Yasuda and some other Japanese options. Sushi can easily break the bank in NYC, though.

        Num Pang and Zucker's and the midtown Xian Famous Foods may not have been open last time you were visiting.

        1. Hi all,

          Thanks for the responses.

          I haven't been to NYC in about 7 years so it's been awhile.


          1. We enjoyed Hatsuhana at 48th and Madison, a long time NY japanese restaurant on our last visit. The sushi set was $28 which included soup and salad. Their exquisite box of dreams was about $40, nine bowls of sushi rice with delicious toppings. The fish at the sushi bar looked very good too (we were at a table).

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            1. One of the best Chinese restaurants in Manhattan is very close to your hotel. Hunan Manor on Lexington. Order the traditional Hunan dishes

              1. I *think* turkish food qualifies as mediterranean....(?)
                Sip Sak isn't far and has a wide variety- I love the smoked eggplant appetizer

                1. Very close, round the corner is Nirvana, a very good Indian restaurant. Sorry can't remember the specific address! Don't forget the Oyster Bar and Campbell Apartment which are right there

                  1. Sakagura is a favorite of mine in the area. Its a japanese izakaya across the street from Yasuda. They don't have sushi but there are several raw fish preparations. As long as you don't go crazy with sake, you can eat there for a very reasonable price.

                    1. Lots of good places nearby the Grand Hyatt.

                      Around the corner on Vanderbilt is a little Spanish place, La Fonda del Sol. very nice food and wine, great for pre-dinner drinks, if that interests you. The best place (imho) in Manhattan for drinks is IN Grand Central Station. It's called The Campbell Apartment, and it;s kinda hidden up an elevator. Ask an employee (even one with a broom) and they'll show you where the elevator is. Worth the time and energy to find it!

                      Over on 44th Street is Triomphe in the Iroquois Hotel. Really great food. also a nice bar with interesting cocktails. Also on 44th, is DB Bistro Moderne (one of Daniel Boulud's "other" places).

                      and if you're looking for great and authentic Mexican, I'd recommend Fonda on Avenue B between 3rd and 4th.