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May 8, 2014 10:48 AM

Temaki Sushi on Broadway: hidden gem for sushi

Hidden from me, at least. Thanks to waylman, I gave it a try again. I ordered a veggie roll combo to go (spicy avocado, asparagus, yam $10 and change) and then went and did some stupidmarket shopping. So I didn't get down to it for prolly an hour. And it was very good, even after languishing in a stryo clamshell all that time.

The yam still had a hint of crispness in the batter, the asparagus was al dente and the spicy sauce on the avocado was enhanced by chopped green onion. The sauce was also more interesting than the usual sriracha. The only thing that suffered was the nori which is completely understandable, and only on the asparagus roll was it noticeable.

I love that the filling to rice ratio is so high ie. the rice is thin, and that they seem to be using good rice. I'm looking forward to dining in and trying some more items. The room is pleasant and the staff very solicitous (I think mostly Japanese). They told me 10 minutes and it was 15 but that is not bad for 7 pm. It's equidistant between home and office, so I may try lunch there soon. Thanks again, waylman!

Here's a pic of the goodies after their perilous journey home.

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  1. We're headed up to UBC today for after-school kids hockey camp, this would be perfect dinner spot on the way back. If we do end up going there, I'll file a report with pics.

    Thx GE and Waylman for the insight.

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      Good call, LR, as the other thing I noticed was the number of squiddlies either eating with the 'rents, or waiting for takeout.

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          Sorry folks, kiddo came down with a flu and stayed home all day (through Saturday). Temaki will have to wait another day.

      1. Great report grayelf...Very honoured that you would take my recommendation and I'm glad it did not disappoint!

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          Thought I'd already posted on followups at Temaki. Got the same to-go order again (I know, not very imaginative) and it was just as good, so I suggested the place for a family dinner with old friends. We were a wee bit squeezed at their largest table with a group of 9. Service was good to very good, with one server offering to bring kid-sized rolls for our small. Everything was tasty with the exception of the gomae (too sweet, with the same sauce I remember putting me off their deep fried asparagus all those years ago!). We also got an order of deep-fried squid delivered to us by accident which we decided to keep and turned out to be one of Dad's fave dishes. The other was the oyster motoyaki. I really enjoyed the takoyaki, though be warned it is not "authentic" as it is deep fried. Local tuna sashimi was generously portioned, the right temperature, smooth and well cut. All the rolls were well executed and had the good ratio of rice to filling I had observed in my two takeouts. We weren't keen on the Pacific Roll with prawn tempura, cucumber and mayo topped with smoked salmon, fresh mango and ponzu that was a preference rather than a problem with the roll itself, and easily fixed by removing the mango topper and eating it separately! The yakisoba was pronounced nicely done as well, and the gyozas were worthy, with thinnish skins and tasty fillings. I'm sure I've missed a few dishes as we ordered a lot and I couldn't keep up with the camera. We had Mario's Gelati tartufo for dessert and were instantly transported back to the 80s when a lot of restos around town had these for afters We may go tonight after boiling at an outdoor party for 3-5 -- their A/C is also pretty fine ;-).

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            I like the high filling:rice ratio in the rolls :-)

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Phew, hard to find a good west side sushi place open on a holiday Monday -- Hitoe on 4th to the rescue!