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May 8, 2014 10:34 AM

Bundt pans?

What is your favorite bundt pan?

I am in love with the Nordic Ware Heritage (

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  1. Found a Dr. Oekter (spelling??) at a yard sale or thrift store... can't remember which. Heavy, silvery. Only one I've ever had that turning out a cake doesn't involve holdiing my breath... pretty much comes out cleanly every time.

    1. Of the currently produced ones, the thick Nordic Ware ones are the best (in my opinion):

      Same, but from WS:

      Same as your OP pan, but from Amazon at a lower price:

      I have the original (Anniversary) one, and I love it. If I were to add a second, it would be the one you linked to.

      Nordic Ware makes a bunch of cool bundt pans: but I would stick to the thick cast ones. The Jubilee and the Fleur de Lis pans are really cool!

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        It's not surprising that Nordic Ware makes the best Bundt pans since they invented the pan.

      2. I have a bunch of bundt pans, including the Heritage. I think my favorite is the first one I bought, the fleur de lis. I also like the smaller sized ones (not the minis, maybe half-sized individual ones I bought a while ago at Crate & Barrel during a sale.)

        1. Have always wondered - what's the biggest bundt pan of any brand available? I wanted to have a huge bundt cake for my wedding (to be a little cheeky), but ended up spending hundreds of dollars on a regular cake. I love bundt cakes.

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          1. re: rudeboy

            I'm assuming that the 15-cup version, the focus of this thread, is about as big as they can get:

            The physical limits may be a bit bigger than that, but as dense as most bundt cakes are, I'd imagine the weight would rule out getting much taller than that one.

          2. Hi Garnetmemory-

            There have been a number of Bundt pans in our family since my Grandmother began collecting them. These were all manufactured by Dr. Oetker ( Blue and Alu colours ), and went from my Grandmother to my Mother, and from my Mother to my sisters.

            When I developed a flair for a decent Gugelhopf, or Kugelhopf, one of my sisters then passed one of the heirlooms on to me.

            Immediately it seemed I had problems keeping the form lubricated for releasing the baked Bundt cake, or a Kugelhof. The pan had also become pitted with time, and seemed to get harder and harder to clean. I tried not to use it as a consequence.

            A new pan would be about 45 CHF and up. The alternative I found looking around one day was a flexible pan, made in Spain. It also features the offset swirl effect very popular today. A good value at 14 CHF.

            Easy to cook with, easy to release, easy to clean.