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Sattdown Jamaican Grill (Studio City)

Anybody have any input on this Jamaican spot? I'll give it a try this weekend, friends are telling me their food and meat patties are better then Coley's, curious to hear what others have to say?

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  1. I had their Jerk Chicken last year and it was good. Their air conditioning system, not so much.

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      The true "Jamaican" experience then...

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        for the true Jamaican experience, there's a few other shops along that stretch of ventura which can provide the missing ingredient.

    2. looks real good
      thanks for the tip...Mon

      1. i've seen this place on yelp for a while now and have not bothered to check it out.

        please report back.

        1. Funny enough, I was just reading this restaurant's reviews a couple days ago! We're hoping to try it this weekend.

          1. Driven by it, and walked up to the window and looked at the menu.... Been on my "to try" list for a year or so but still never been.

            Please report!!

            1. Love it. The jerk chicken, curry goat, and oxtails are all superb. I usually don't even love jerk chicken, but Sattdown's is fantastic. I also have tried their various patties. I seem to recall the beef being quite good, but the seafood ones being disappointing.

              If you get there early enough, Passions Pastries in the same strip mall may still be open. They have great cupcakes.

              1. Here's my input, just gave it a try and tried a variety of dishes. Upon sitting down I was looking forward to a beef patty, though they were already sold out and I ended up with a Jerk Chicken Patty (See photo) to start with, it was tasty and I would try the beef flavor next visit. For my entree I chose the combo, 1/2 Oxtail & 1/2 Goat Curry, both had a lot of bones which is to be expected just the pay off was they packed a lot of flavor which went great combined with the red beans & rice. The plantains were very thin which I would of enjoyed cut a bit thicker. Overall, this dish was delicious and I would get a full plate of Oxtail in the future. Now for dessert, I was eagerly awaiting this bread pudding all night. The owners wife who was the waitress was nice enough to bring out her husband Chef Tony. He informed me they were out of this dish and convinced me to try the Rum Cake which filled the spot. I shall return to give this spot another try. I will say I left hungry and had to stop at Dupar's for my Bread Pudding craving which I took home.

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                  It sounds to me like everything sits like lead once eaten.
                  Are there any dishes that are not overly starchy or the likes?
                  are there any greens in the building, meaning veggies?

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                    Actually they serve various vegetarian soups and do have various Vegi Plates, see menu:


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                    Thanks for the post - love Jamaican Oxtail!