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May 8, 2014 10:26 AM

US against YOU! I gotcha restaurant right heeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeee!

Some say LA is a foodie heaven, some say just a bunch of chains.

Some say our pastrami is better (Norm Langer, I 'm thinking about you), other's prefer Katz's.

Some say we have great Indian food, some say go to India (or NY).

Some think the battle is just ours to fight, Cole's v Phillipe's comes to mind.

What say you???????? (extra question marks to honor Kevin)

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  1. NY? Try to get decent Thai food there ! (and I was BORN there!) Try to find regional Mexican, or even old fashioned Mex-Am, there. Dim Sum. Vietnamese. Korean.


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    1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

      Camarillo is just a bunch of chains. LA – not just the city but the county – HAS a bunch of chains, but with scads of non-chain places thriving in between, some seriously good.

      Having spent no significant time in or around NYC (yet!) I have only one very culinarily astute niece-in-law's opinions to go by, and she's too busy to bother. So I'll have to wait until she visits again or we go there. But I've never had such a range of cuisines to graze among as here, nor as many very different and very good meals anywhere else – and those have been confined mostly to the $10-$50 per person spectrum. On very few occasions have we dined in the $100+ range, and then I think just twice at our own expense.

      That so much good food is available so cheaply is not an unmixed blessing, of course, since (as Tony Bourdain has mentioned every time we've seen him) it's almost impossible for most culinary workers here to live on just one job. Amending that is I think necessary, though it will spell the end of $10 PP dim sum feasts.

      1. re: Will Owen

        With the possible exception of New Orleans, I think LA has most places beat on the price to quality ratio.

    2. So are you and Kevin 'an item'? ahem!
      You salute him in most of your posts.
      Is there a back story here? Youth wants to know!

      1. I wish LA had a good patacon or jibarito. :(