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One Night in Philly Near the Forumn

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Heading to Philly from Toronto late June for the NHL draft. Staying and spending most of my time near the Forum. Looking for Italian, Spanish,or Greek options....mains between $20-$30. If I need to spend more for great food, not a problem.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I'm not sure what/where the "Forum" is?

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      Wasn't The Forum an, uh... Mature Audience movie theatre?

      I think the OP means the Wachovia Center, being that he's attending the NHL draft. If so, East Passyunk Ave in South Philly (though no Greek or Spanish).

    2. Hi Robb - do you mean the Wells Fargo Center? I just noticed that's where the draft is (otherwise, you'd be referring to an old shuttered porno theatre).

      If so, you'll be smack in South Philly - lots of good Italian options. Come to my neighborhood, Passyunk Ave, and go to Le Virtu for excellent regional (Abbruzze) Italian food. If it's nice out, make a reservation on their deck. It's about 1-2 miles from the stadium.

      Not a lot of Spanish and Greek in the area that I know about, but there are a few great places in other parts of the city:
      Spanish: Amada, Tinto, Jamonera
      Greek: Opa, (people also rave about Estia, which is pricier)

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        Thanks for the recs...excuse the error...I think my age is showing!!