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What flavors go with cardamom?

I bought some cardamom seeds and ground them up to use in a spritz cookie recipe that was delicious. I'm really loving this spice. I made a lemon cardamom loaf cake that was also awesome. Yesterday I added cardamom to my banana muffins and it doesn't really work for me.

I have plenty of the spice left and looking for other ideas or really what other flavors are good to mix with cardamom?

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  1. Sweet yogurt lassi! I usually get my proportions from Madhur Jaffrey:

    1 cup yogurt
    1/2 cup water
    4 cardamom pods (or the equivalent amount of seeds)
    sugar to taste (Ms. Jaffrey uses a bit less than I like)

    Toss everything into a blender and strain into a glass, with or without ice. Let sit in the fridge if you want stronger flavours. Add fresh mango if you want mango.

    I also used cardamom recently in the topping of a strawberry-rhubarb crisp to great effect.

    1. I quite like bananas with cardamom! Ha! Anyway I have found blueberry works nicely with cardamom. I have made coffee cake, fresh fruit pie, and sweet cheese things with cardamom and blueberries, and they've all been delicious, and much better than without the cardamom. I think it would work for similar berries (but have never tried with cranberries or strawberries).

      1. Saffron, rosewater, pistachios, vanilla, curries, east African food, Indian Food, Scandanavian baked goods, in red wine reduction over ice cream or fruit, in creme brulee, etc. Its one of my favorite spices!

        1. I put a sprinkle in my coffee grounds. Gives the coffee a subtle but interesting taste.

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            +1 for pairing with coffee
            I'm sure it would be great in coffee flavored desserts like a coffee ice cream or mousse as well

          2. I made a sourdough raspberry muffin with cardamom--it was really good. I am a fan of cardamom in lots of things--spice cake, with citrus, savory dishes. Yum!

            1. Pears are the perfect pairing.

              1. I really like it with pecans and in oatmeal cookies, instead of (or in addition to) cinnamon.

                I currently have a dozen or so cracked pods infusing some whiskey, planning on using it instead of vanilla in a pear cake.

                1. I love Roisinboller. A very popular norwegian bread, definately do the raisins.


                  1. This might be weird...but when I am using new-to-me spices and herbs I often combine and then let them sit in little bowls in my kitchen. I pick them up and smell them often.

                    I find I like cardamom combined with cinnamon. Orange or lemon. Sometimes with clove.

                    I toss it into chili/stew type dishes.

                    It's fun to add to a pot of boiling rice (as long as your intended rice-dish plays well with that flavor).

                    Cardamom pods and clove and dried orange peel make a wonderful room-freshener (aka potpourri).

                    1. Pumpkin or butternut squash in both savory and sweet dishes: http://recipesfromapantry.com/2013/10...

                      Lentils: http://jeanetteshealthyliving.com/201...

                      Rice pilafs: http://www.grouprecipes.com/76672/mat...

                      Lamb: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                      Beef: http://www.blue-kitchen.com/2013/11/1...

                      Chicken: http://food52.com/recipes/9275-roaste...

                      A lot of Indian desserts are based on some combination of condensed milk or cream and cardamom. If you like cardamom, anything like that should taste good -- say, an ice cream, a custard, or a cheesecake.

                      1. In general, I like cardamon with some combination of lemon, orange, vanilla, ginger, and fruit.

                        Cardamon, vanilla and orange custard. Cardamon and vanilla in a rice pudding made with coconut milk. Cardamon and fresh sliced ginger in masala chai.

                        Cardamon also goes well with fruit - use it in a peach tart, or apple crumble.

                        1. Almond - Our COTM, My Bombay Kitchen, has a cardamom almond cake that's getting high marks.

                          Online copy of recipe is here
                          Comments in COTM discussion is here

                          1. Cardamom pairs well with chocolate; add it to brownies, cakes and puddings like mousse. It also plays well with nut (particularly cashew & pistachio), coffee and tea based flavors.

                            Goes well with carrots, sweet potato & winter squash dishes like carrot cake, baked carrots, roasted squash & sweet potato hash or fries. Buttercream frostings made with raisin or date puree, coconut or vanilla pairs.

                            Fruits like apricots, peaches, pears, apples, lemon, orange, banana, berries & cherries benefit from the addition of cardamom. Stir it into oatmeal like you would cinnamon, add to cookie or pie dough and pastry cream; try it as a doughnut filling.

                            Could be steeped in brandy or other liqueur for use in a cocktail. Plenty of options.