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May 8, 2014 08:44 AM

Dessert for 2-Year-Old's Birthday/BBQ

I have offered to make dessert for my nephew's birthday party, which will be a BBQ held at a local park. I am hesitant to make cake, cupcakes, or anything with buttercream that will be difficult to transport and likely to melt and get messy. I am looking for something easy, transportable, but more fun and festive than plain old brownies. Any ideas? There will be about 20-25 people, mostly adults but some kids of all ages. Thanks!

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  1. maybe its too close to cake but a PA Dutch favorite for dessert on the go are Whoopie Pies

    which is basically a homemade devil dog - the cream being inside allows them to be individually wrapped if desired - and more easily transported

    1. Kids like toppings. Make the brownies and bring whipped cream, mini choco chips, colored sprinkles, etc. and let people make their own brownie sundaes.

      1. Good ideas....I know have a request from the birthday boy's mom to include fresh berries, which are his favorite food--is there a way to make a fun cake or something with berries that is easy to transport?

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          berry shortcake or pound cakes. just pack the components separately.

        2. more labor intensive but fruit POPs, like a skewer of fruit, then arrange them in a hollowed out, upside down watermelon 1/2. We uses, strawberry, grapes, watermelon and raspberries. Now that I think of it tho, skeweres might be an issue for 2 year olds, never mind!

          1. Smitten kitchen has a really good berry bundt cake that you could easily make in loaf pans, or as cupcakes.
            It's very moist, you can use any mixture of berries and it has an (optional) lemon glaze that would hold up well too.
            I made this for my neices second birthday dinner as her mother didn't want chocolate or anything too sweet. It's now a house favorite.

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              So cute! And I love the idea of writing on the glaze. It's a great way to make it feel like a birthday cake without the trickiness of a buttercream frosting.