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May 8, 2014 08:33 AM

Which rosemary should I plant?

My gardening is limited to one 4' x 2' raised garden bed in which I do "square foot gardening." Most of what I plant in the bed is herbs, although I do have some peas and radishes in there now.

I bought some plants yesterday, but I think I may have bought a variety of rosemary that's more of an in-ground plant. It's Tuscan Blue Rosemary, and I've read that it can grow to be 6' tall -- much larger than I'd want for my raised planter.

So I'd like to know what varieties of rosemary are best suited for a planter in Zone 6B. I treat my herbs as annuals because our winters are usually too cold for them to survive in planters. Thanks!

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  1. Most common rosemary varieties grow to about 3 ft, including ''Spice Island', 'Salem', Gorizia. (Arp' ~ 4ft)
    There are also several dwarf varieties under 1 ft tall, like 'Prostrate', Lockwood de Forest.

    But why not go ahead and plant the Tuscan Blue anyway. When it starts getting too tall for you, just take your cuttings from the growing tips.

    Did you know that even when the snow blankets your rosemary, you can still take cuttings for cooking.