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May 8, 2014 08:12 AM

Hole-E Burger Bar

Went to this place last night. It's at 1050 Coxwell Ave (Coxwell & O'Connor) in the East York Village. Nice addition to the stretch. It's a good looking place, the service was great. Ordered a burger for myself and sliders for the child. Took 10 minutes or so because they cook as ordered. Didn't mind as we had time to kill. I was interested in trying them mostly because of the cheese skirt a la Squeeze Inn in Sacto, CA.
With the standard toppings, it was too big to take a proper bite of. Burger itself was an odd mix of overcooked and dry in parts with a few rare bits. Wasn't heavily seasoned, which I like but there was no beef taste in the bite. Didn't exactly highlight the meat. The skirt was fairly small and didn't really add anything to the burger. The bacon didn't even come through flavour-wise. It was good but I guess I was expecting more given the hype about the holes and the cheese skirt. The fries were plentiful and salted with a heavy hand. They say they're twice fried but it certainly didn't seem that way. The sliders were entirely dry, again with the odd bit of rare beef mixed in. My daughter barely at one and wasn't interested in the second one.
I would order it again if I was in the neighbourhood. But I'd sooner head over to Joe's if I was in the mood for a burger and fries. The whole family agreed on that one.
They have other good sounding menu items that I'd try before writing the place off personally.

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  1. I can't say that I'm too surprised that it came out unevenly cooked. They claim on their website that the holes promote even cooking, but logically speaking it strikes me that the opposite would be true (and this report seems to bear that out).

    1. I ordered from them this past Sunday and as I was eating my burger, it fell apart in the bun. I also found the patty to be unevenly cooked. Some parts were dry and others moist and pink. That being said, Mrs. U got their Turkey burger and declared it delicious. It was much better than my burger. The patty was evenly cooked (no holes) and moist and flavourful.

      In my opinion, they should ditch the beef and stick with the Turkey. We also ordered fries, not very salty (which we didn't mind), but definitely not double fried. Unless I was hard up for a burger, I'd either make one at home or drive the 15 minutes down to BP.

      1. nothing absolutely nothing is worth the price they say it is i had a giant order between 4 people. the burgers were horrible under cooked no flavour garnishes limp and tomato had a funny taste,buns were soggy as well. Fries are soggy oily and as well salty. fries taste as if oil is not been changed in at least a week and not fresh. I was also missing contents from my order

        secondly i ordered the mac and cheese from there it was mostly undressed macaroni that was cooked in cheese wiz and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top i must say even my children would not eat it and that is pretty sad when children wont eat something says a lot

        lets talk about the salad i ordered a Caesar salad and was served a Greek salad in which the flyer price is 7.99 and i was charged 8.99 lettuce taste as if it has not been properly washed to much dressing that the bottom of my bowl looked like a swimming pool bottom line is this place is over rated over priced and quality and quantity is a joke i have never been so disappointed in a burger joint as i am in this one from now on i will continue to go to my local burger places
        unhappy customers