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May 8, 2014 07:23 AM

Is there ANY 'good' Chinese food between Port St Lucie and Jupiter?

I'm feeling incredibly deprived... Living in Stuart and willing to travel if the end product is worth the trip.

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  1. if you like thai food they make it not spicy to very hot at lanna thai on us1 just north of donald ross rd in the publix plaza in jupiter, family run and try the volcano chicken

    1. check out Singing Bamboo in West Palm just a little south of Jupiter

      1. There's Thai restaurants all over the place up here... but nowhere that serves Chinese except a cheapo buffet (which reviews said should be called the ptomaine buffet... ugh. Not going there!) and a couple of very mediocre takeouts. Funnily enough there are two Asian grocers nearby - in Fort Lauderdale we had to drive forever to get to one.

        1. China Star in Stuart is the best of the mediocare Chinese in Stuart. Mr. Zangs on Donal Ross is very good!

          1. Went to the Japanese buffet in Stuart the other day to get a sushi/Asian fix. It wasn't actively toxic, but I won't be bothering to go back. Still hoping to find someplace halfway decent - it's a bit sad that the best 'Asian' food we've had here was the tuna appetiser at Duffys.