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May 8, 2014 07:12 AM

HELP in Milan for lunch and dinner for two nights

We will be going to Milan before taking a cruise leaving out of Venice. I am having trouble finding two great dinners and two great lunches. We love to eat where the locals go but like great ambiance as well. Just not interested in the toursit traps. If you also know of a great store for leather jackets please let me know. Thanks!!!

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  1. Some of my favorites in Milan.
    My favorite Hole in the walls:
    Antica Hostaria della Lanterna (reservations required)
    Osteria La Vecchia Lira
    La Cantinetta (in Isola neighborhood)
    Ristorante Da Oscar

    For Pizza:
    Pizza AM (Porta Romana)
    I Capatosta

    For Ambiance:
    Il Garghet
    Da Mimmo
    Osteria DelBinari- My absolute favorite and a must go

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      Is Del Binari better than Osteria del Treno for lunch?

    2. La Tavolina
      new about 6 weeks-
      new owners new type restaurant, newly redone-known as best pizza in the city
      also giant glass wall where you watch the chef Giuseppe do all the magic for the nights meals.
      pretty darn amazing

      1. If you can make a reservation here for lunch, (this place is about 30 minutes outside of central Milan, this will be the best meal of your trip:

        It was in our top 5 meals of 2013, and I'm looking forward to my visit there in two weeks!! Don't miss D'O!!

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          thanks for the tip, I will next time I'm there as well