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May 8, 2014 04:52 AM

Suggestions in Groningen, The Netherlands?

Hi everyone, was wondering if I can get a few suggestions for restaurants or even bars in Groningen. Just arrived to this wet but really beautiful city and would love to try out some good places to eat and drink. It could be a coffee or beer at a fun intersection to watch passers-by, a cheap and dirty to-go eatery at some shack, or a nice meal at a good restaurant. Thanks

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  1. Cafe de Koffer for beer (have a lentebock.)

    Eetcafé Schuitendiep for a nice meal (make a reservation. The 6-course tasting menu is fun and reasonable at €38.50 but a-la-cart is also fine.)

    Toko Semarang for creditable and spicy take-out (or eat-in, in a pinch) Indonesian.

    Let us know where you end up and how it was! There's not a lot of NL activity here, especially outside of Amsterdam.