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May 8, 2014 04:03 AM

any restaurants serving Spanish milk-fed lamb in London?

Do you know of any restaurants serving Spanish milk-fed lamb in London at this time of year? Also, please let me know what you think the best Spanish restaurant in London is. Thanks!

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  1. I have seen it on the menu at Fino in the past, might be worth checking with them. I haven't been in years but it was very good but somewhat expensive.

    My two favourite places are Donostia a Basque pintxos place or Salt Yard -this is a tapas place that is Spanish/Italian rather than just Spanish.

    1. I`ve had a great meal at Cambio de tercio some years back. I see Andy Haylor also liked it very much. Anyone been recently?

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        I had a very good meal in Cambio de tercio about two weeks ago. We had a load of dishes from both the traditional and modern tapas parts of the menu. Most were good with a couple of stand out including the roasted tomatoes, photos in the link:

      2. Let those bastards live for a bit longer than that!!!!

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          I enjoyed some at a place in Sergovia (Spain) - no older than 21 days - it was great - cut up with edge of a plate.

          I think that may be hard to replicate in the UK...!

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            Phil. Why do you say it would be hard to replicate in the uk? Food standards or something?

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              Tongue in cheek comment loosely based on the squeamish nature of the masses and the anti food protestors.

              I still remember my favourite tiny tapas bar in Bath, started and run by a young Spanish couple, which was picketed every weekend by aggressive animal rights activists protesting about the use of foie gras. You had to be quite resilient to dare to enter the place - bloody annoying!

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                I've not seen suckling lamb on a UK menu, although suckling pig has started to become reasonably well available in restaurants in my part of the world since Barry Pugh started raising them near Preston.

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                  Having friends from the Island small holding communities they'd ask why the heck you'd want lamb that young, since it has no flavour. They prefer it more mature.

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                    I'd be generally with the friends. Herdwick mutton is a thing of joy.

                    1. re: Harters

                      Don't they all have different flavours and qualities?

                      They are different meats and respond to different treatments. I enjoyed the 21day lamb, it was a very delicate, subtle flavour. I love the "standard" spring lamb, a leg roast to a lovely rose, is wonderful. And of course a more mature mutton adds great flavour to pies, stews etc.

                      Maybe one of the problems is that styles of cooking are still regional, so your mates from the Island communities don't appreciate the younger lambs as their cooking techniques didn't develop to do them justice! This could be simply down to the climate and need to bring on lambs to a bigger size. Maybe the Spanish they had a natural glut of lambs as it's a more benign climate and the cooking technique evolved to address it.

                      So no reason not to be able to like all lamb in all it's variants - it's not like football you can support more than one team.

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                        I'm not dissing the flavour of young lamb, just as I don't diss the efforts of Stockport County. But my preference is for stronger flavours, just as it is for Manchester City.