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Gyoza Bar ......

...... only a month away !! :-)


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  1. They better be frickin' good to make me wanna go back...just for gyozas...

    If they could get some actual Japanese craft beer, that would be a plus. Kiuchi (Hitachino), Coedo, Baird...tired of seeing Kirin, Sapporo, etc.

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      Gyoza King must be watching closely ...... ;-)

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        Agreed, it'd be nice to see some other Japanese beer options. I've had Echigo and Orion at a few places.

        Funny, when I was in Tokyo last fall, I told my cousin (who lives there) that I wanted to try the local (meaning craft) beer... and he pointed me to Kirin and Sapporo, saying "all our beer is local".

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          I love this article about craft beer bars in Asia (including Tokyo!): http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/08/tra...


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            Orion has been acquired by Asahi in recent years, and there is absolutely nothing distinctive about Orion beer any more.

        2. Gyoza Bar will be featuring ramen as well as gyoza according to Scout. Opening mid-July.

          1. Walked by today. Snuck a shot of the room in-progress. Things still look a looooong ways away.

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              Wow, that looks to me like a good 4-6 months away from opening. Think of all the final touches and inspections that still await.

            2. I think it's Mini Chowdown worthy... toftt

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                  I think that means it is a small place :-)

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                    Thx, I thought it meant a quick & light snack ! :-D

              1. Apparently they'll also be serving sandwiches???! Gyoza, ramen, salads, small plates AND sandwiches? According to this artice:


                I fixed their logo for them :P

                ** For the dense: this is not their official logo **

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                    Also, from their Facebook page posted today: "We are anticipating an opening in August! Who is excited?"

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                    Oh, and you can't get a bowl of ramen there for less than $13.

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                      CORRECTION: apparently they have a smaller Santouka-sized portion for less than $13. (Thanks M.)

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                        Hey Dennis.

                        We also hit the Gyoza Bar right at the opening bell on Saturday and ate our way through a LOT of the menu (it was somewhat shameful). But just a note on the auto-grat. We must have been done after you because our server brought us a bill, then brought a corrected bill a few minutes later because apparently, they had been set to auto-grat every cheque all evening by accident. I really do think it was an opening night hiccup, but it sucks.

                        Onto the food. Fried brussels and wild boar bacon - delicious. The wild boar bacon is in a dish at Minami and it's sooo tasty. Also came with fried shishitos.

                        We ordered the tonkotsu ramen as a reference point and it was exceptionally porky. The noodles had excellent texture (and the bowls are gorgeous). I was similarly expecting the char siu to have a delicious charred edge but it did not (it should be said that I am 100% on the side of chinese style char siu so I like it lacquered and/or crunchy); and when char siu does not have a delicious charred edge, it should be meltingly tender and Gyoza Bar's wasn't.

                        The teppan gyoza were tasty but the gyoza skins could have been a touch chewier - though the delicate crispiness was excellent. We also tried the chili shrimp which were delicious but not spicy and the short rib gyoza which were a little over the top in terms of richness. They could have benefited from a side pickle instead of the feta cheese topping.

                        Overall, I think the place will do very well and I'm sure I'll be back. Everything we had was tasty but the menu feels a bit self-consciously un-japanese at the moment instead of daring. We'll see where they go from here.

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                          Loved reading your take on Gyoza Bar, Snuggles. Thanks! Gyoza Bar's PR people were kind/attentive enough to compensate me for the auto-grat mistake. Kudos to them for doing that.

                          I saw a table behind us digging into the brussel sprouts and bacon and they looked so happy :D I would've loved to try it but my pedantic self thought that it didn't fit with the supposed Asian theme of the restaurant, so I decided not to try it. Plus I was way stuffed after the ramen, and I'm not in a hurry to go back just yet. Frankly I can't afford to eat at that level all the time, so I gotta rein it in for the next while ;)

                          Japanese ramen is such an interesting dish -- Chinese roots, adapted for Japanese palates, a bajillion different regional variations...people have dedicated their lives to it (Ivan Ramen, Brian from Ramen Adventures, Keizo from Go Ramen!). So many little details that we could debate about all day long :)

                          I agree about the gyoza skins...it was really hard to seperate an intact gyoza from the pan. It's like breaking the skin of a har gow and the shrimp filling falls out...it hurts a bit inside when that happens.

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                            "I agree about the gyoza skins...it was really hard to seperate an intact gyoza from the pan."

                            Maybe I should bring my own cheese slicer if I go to GB, I think it'd be the perfect tool to lift the gyozas out of the pan and saving the skin :-D


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                              Haha, nice one.

                              Here's the thing though, I think they cook them in the pan, they form the crust, and just before serving they flip them and some of the gyozas end up sticking to the same pan. Mind you, while we *did* have fun scraping the crispy bits from the pan, it made it hard to pick up one with chopsticks without tearing it.

                      2. Went there this weekend and we were underwhelmed. We tried every type of gyoza and found them all lacking in flavour, texture or both. The best was probably the short rib, though I agree with the previous comment about the richness and it being paired with feta. (Most of the garnishes did not work for us, actually.) We asked ourselves: if you tried their food without knowing where it was from, would you think, "This place must specialize in gyoza"? Definitely not. The cocktails were not quite there, either. Service was friendly and attentive, though.

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                          Ditto here.., was also underwhelmed with everything i tried. The gyoza skins were good. the ramen not as good when compared with other ramen in YVR.
                          Most items tasted muddled in flavor. Nothing stood out from this one visit.
                          There was a 30+ min wait to get in on a weeknight.
                          They had at least 11 person in the kitchen.
                          The food came almost all at once, be nice if they manage to stagger the dishes.
                          As mentioned the beer selection could have been better.
                          Nothing unique or delicious worth a second visit based on the items I had that nite.

                        2. These are the plump, tasty pork + shrimp "gyozas" (potstickers) I enjoyed on Saturday. At Dinesty on Robson. A lot of crispy "skin" underneath, apparently it's from a traditional method of panfrying where they add water just before finishing to get that nice crust :