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May 7, 2014 10:07 PM

15 pp for Dinner in the city for MDW

Hey all,

Will be in the city for Memorial Day weekend for a wedding. Looking for some recommendations for a restaurant that can accommodate 15 people Sunday night of the 25th of May. All diners are open to any good food. Budget is around $50 per person before drinks. Would be awesome if anyone knows any gems with a private room without fees.

Thank you

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  1. That budget is difficult, in that most places require a prix fixe. For example, my girlfriend and I went to Supper tonight and had dinner plus drinks for ~$70 plus tip for both of us, but last I heard, their minimum for that large a group is $75/person. You might consider a Cantonese banquet at Oriental Garden. For $50/person, you could include some lobster and such. Their managers are good about working with people's budgets (mine was always less than that when I had banquets there). If you do go there, though, order a 2-3 fewer dishes than they suggest, because otherwise, there will be way too much food.

    The one wrinkle is that I never tried booking a private room there, so I don't know whether they have a higher minimum, but someone will know, and if not, just call them and find out.

    1. Aroma Kitchen & Wine Bar has a $49pp group menu; the issue may be meeting the food & beverage minimum, dependent upon how much your guests drink.

      1. Sorry after talking to the diners they are willing to up the budget person to under $100 pp.