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May 7, 2014 09:24 PM

Taco Grill --> Obelisco Restaurant (Oakland)

My friend and I were momentarily flummoxed this evening as we stood in front of Taco Grill, with its interior dark and chairs stacked on tables, but a passerby clued us in: they've moved across the street to a much larger space in the Fruitvale Station development and changed the name to Obelisco. The menu remains the same, and our dinner of tacos and sopes, chips with fiery salsa, and cucumber aguas frescas was solid as ever.

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  1. Whew! Thanks for the heads up. I panicked just a little at your subject line, & would've panicked more if I'd gone there w/o knowing this.

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    1. Are they open on Sundays yet?!

      1. fwiw, they moved to the former mar y tierra spot
        homemade flour tortillas for the tacos were impressive.
        fish tacos ok, not as much fish as linda....

        1. Good for them, and the development agency that helped them get started.

          1. I tried Obelisco for the first time yesterday, for lunch. Ordered the lunch special of the day, which was chicken enchiladas con mole. I chose pinto beans (nice creamy texture, lightly seasoned). The lunch special included a large agua fresca, and I chose jamaica, which was very good.

            The mole was a tan color, and had a fair amount of cinnamon. I liked it quite a bit, though the flavor reminded me a bit of horchata.

            Rice was fresh, the bit of salad was a nice touch, and I ate the whole plate. Total cost was $8.95 before tax and tip.

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              Last week on a rainy day they had a special vegetarian soup special - garbanzo bean and vegetable. I had never seen a vegetarian (stock included) soup there before, and I was thrilled to try it. It was just wonderful - chile in the broth, garbanzo beans, etc. There were a few bites that were reminiscent of canned vegetable soup, due to small pieces of green beans and carrot, but it was great overall. Served with rice, tortillas and chopped onions and herbs and an agua fresca. I hope it will come back! I wish there was an easy way of knowing the days special without walking over (or calling), because I would certainly make a special trip for that soup.