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May 7, 2014 09:17 PM

Great happy hour bargain at B44 [San Francisco]

B44 on Belden Alley has been overlooked for years, often for good reason, but the quality has come up again lately and they are currently running a terrific happy hour between 4 and 6. About a dozen tapas selections for $5, including a small cast iron pan of the paella or rice dish of the day, Besides the paella, especially recommended are the potatas bravas (best rendition I've had in SF), the garlic chicken skewers, and the "bikini" -- a grilled manchego, jamon serrano and good mustard sandwich. Also red, white and cava selections of the day for $5 and similar for simple aperitif cocktails like vermouth and ginger soda plus $7 for hefter cocktails.

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  1. Barlata has the same deal, 4:30-6.

    1. "The quality has come up again lately" - have you been for lunch or dinner recently, or talked to anyone who has? Details? I used to like this place a lot.