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May 7, 2014 09:08 PM

Fattoria e mare Burlingame

Any reports on this new restaurant in Burlingame?

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    1. Sorry, not a report, but I've been googling around to see what this place is about. Its FB page listsChef Pablo Estrada, most recently chef de cuisine at Rose Pistola, as proprietor.

      The ABC license lists only Samira Gricelda Cuevas Madero as officer and stockholder.

      And at this moment, if you click on the Facebook link on Rose Pistola's webpage to go to its page, the address listed for Rose Pistola (which is located in North Beach, SF) shows the Rollins Rd address in Burlingame and the "about" has Fattoria e Mare as the website. Gremlins at work.

      This is an enormous venue that has proved difficult for other restaurants. I wish them well.

      Fattoria e Mare
      1095 Rollins Road
      Burlingame, CA

      1. Hannah, I'm the owner of Rose Pistola. I have just fixed our Facebook page and deleted Pablo Estrada as an admin. Cannot believe he changed our Facebook page to point to his new restaurant's website and location, but I guess that's how it goes.

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          Glad i pointed out the gremlins. My next question --- is Rose Pistola or Nice Venture's backing Estrada's new restaurant financially?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Hi Melanie - thank you for pointing that out.
            And no, there is no financial backing or tie from Rose Pistola or Nice Ventures to Estrada's new restaurant. This is all his own venture. Thanks.

          2. re: girlwhodines

            Thank you so much for the information. I look forward to coming in!