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May 7, 2014 06:03 PM

center cut bacon?

Do you buy this? Why? It looks like regular bacon with the ends trimmed. For 25 percent higher price.

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  1. Welcome to the world of market segmentation

    1. The stuff I buy always has less fat on it.

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        It's the only bacon I buy. And it has just enough fat to render the stuff for refrigeration and future use.

      2. Better meat-to-fat ratio, but unless it's on sale, in terms of net weight of cooked rashers, I don't think center cut bacon is worth the premium price. Besides, I keep and use the bacon grease. If you discard it as a matter of course, center cut may be a better value.

        1. It *is* regular bacon with the ends trimmed. For the same price as a pack of untrimmed bacon.


          1. I've bought it in the past and its been nice but expensive. Look for bacon from leaner (smaller) bellies. You can tell this by the shape of the slice,. If it's perfectly rectangular and symmetrical it is from a small belly. if it has those triangle shaped ends it is from a larger, fattier belly. Bacon is made by putting a pork belly in a press and bigger bellies tend to curl when pressed into shape. The irregularities are called "hooks" & "dips".