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May 7, 2014 03:26 PM

Sports coat for Edinburgh and environs

Two male friends are traveling to Ediburgh, Isle of Skye and then driving around a lot looking at castles and such. They are not foodies and won't be spending big bucks on food. Knowing that, will they be fine without a sports jacket in the evening or will restaurants expect a little formality?

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    1. What's a sports jacket? Just kidding. I'm amazed these days how even the most high end of restaurants have diners wearing clothes that are very casual.

      1. Thanks. I will tell them they'll be fine without.

        1. In Scotland? They'll be expected to wear great big duffel coats to fend off the cold and save on heating costs :-)

          1. The only place I know of in Scotland which is so anachronistic as to require jackets is Inverlochy Castle at Fort William. Unbelievably, they also require tie.

            I choose not to eat at the very small number of places in the UK that still require jackets. Never felt it detracted from my enjoyment of our food. In this, America seems much more attached to this unnecessary formality than we are.