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May 7, 2014 02:51 PM


I think we might drive up to ASHEVILLE while we are in Greenville to check out Biltmore -

Any recommendations on light lunch, casual lunch spots?

Best time to catch that lunch before the rest of the tourista get hungry?

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    1. white duck for casual creative tacos, west end bakery for a selection of lunchy things like oatmeal , yougurt and fruit, grits, sausage biscuit, etc. Curate to nibble on tapas. Wicked weed if it's more about the beer. Laughing seed for vegetarian. El Kimchee food truck, find it on facebook and get the beef bipimbap. (sp?) and a side of kimchee.

      Lots of the stuff I would normally recommend cannot be considered "light" (biscuithead, 12 bones, sunny point)

      1. Seven Sows recently started doing lunch, and the menu looks great.

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          wow, that menu DOES look great. I had a Saturday lunch there not longer after SS opened and it was pretty good. The new brunch menu looks even more interesting. Thanks!

        2. There are places to have a light lunch on the Biltmore Estate if you don't feel like driving off site: the Bake Shop and the Courtyard Market in the stable area next to Biltmore House, the Conservatory Café next to the conservatory, and the Smokehouse in the farm area at Antler Hill Village. More information here:

          I've found that there are times when it takes quite a while to drive off the the estate, people drive very slowly and sometimes stop for wildlife (geese). There is a lot to do there if you like to walk, the House, gardens, winery, etc, so you may not want to take the time to leave and come back. The House closes at 4:30pm this time of year.

          1. I agree with Helind. If you're driving up to see Biltmore, then that experience will take most of the day. Consider eating somewhere on the estate. Or eat a late breakfast, see the estate, and then an early dinner somewhere else.