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May 7, 2014 02:41 PM

low carb breading for deep or pan frying?

If you were going to make a breaded cutlet or a piece of fish to deep fry or pan fry what would you use in place of the flour, egg wash & breadcrumb coating? I have several nut flours but fear they might not taste neutral enough say for a chicken Parmesan or sole Anglaise? I did try pork rinds as suggested to gratinee a dish and did not like the taste.I

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  1. Hi Zackly,

    I don't own a deep fryer, but for fish, I've made a "breading" by dipping in egg and then parmesan. It's not "neutral" but it worked well on the relatively mild fish I pan fried and I imagine it would work for chicken parm.

    Sorry I don't have more experience. I really like "fishy" fishes so I tend to grill them and/or leave them as naked as possible while cooking.

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      I used to bread thing in a 50/50 mixture of Parmesan & panko. Now I need to find a substitute for the high carb panko.

    2. almond meal works great, lots of folks use ground pork rinds and say it works very well, a mixture with parmesan and those.

      Also, carbalose flour from netrition; I sometimes use it to lightly flour eggplant slices for parmagiana or eggplant lasagna, then bake on a lightly olive oiled pan before layering.

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      1. re: mcf

        Carbalose? I do have low carb Bisquick alternative Carbquick (SP?). Do you think that would work?

        1. re: zackly

          It might, it contains carbalose flour, but will also taste like baking powder.

          BTW, above, that should read "crushed pork rinds." A blender, processor or cheap coffee grinder can make them into crumbs. Or a plastic bag and a rolling pin or just crushing in a bag.

      2. I like pork rinds, but I find that breadings in general work/taste better if you use a combination of ingredients. I will often use 1/3 pork rinds, 1/3 crushed nuts and 1/3 parmesan cheese to make a coating that doesn't taste strongly of any one thing. Adding herbs and seasonings that complement the rest of your dish can also help make the coating taste less like whatever it actually is.

        Also, low-carb breads can be dried and pulverized just like regular bread to make LC crumbs. I find that most LC breads have a distinctive taste of their own, but you might find it less objectionable than pork rinds or nuts.

        1. I've made pretty good fried chicken with crushed pork rinds and an egg and cream wash, then fried in coconut oil.

          I'd try pork rinds again, just to be sure you don't like them -- when fried, I can't really tell that they're pork rinds.

          You can do 1/2 pork rinds, 1/2 almond flour. Or 1/2 pork rinds, 1/2 coconut flour. Or 1/2 almond flour, 1/2 parmesan cheese.