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May 7, 2014 12:23 PM

Soooo Arz is now Loblaws and Marche Adonis is actually Metro

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  1. Hmmm! I knew about Adonis but now Arz too?
    And soon Shoppers selling prepared food?

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    1. re: wylie1

      Soon there will be but one retailer in Canada, where you can buy everything.

    2. metro does own a controlling share of adonis (55%) and in montreal i've noticed a slight dip in the quality of produce but it's still a top notch grocer (at least in montreal) and it is in no way comparable to a run of the mill metro

      1. The test will be what happens with the pita.

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        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          ....and the baklava. You're talking about Arz, right VV?

          1. re: Yongeman

            Yes yongeman. Arz makes the best pita that I have in North America . And Oceana (one bakery, the few others are for the English and don't count. Would you believe! In March I saw hot cross pumpernickle-esque bagels!). Arz changed their flour, I believe to make the bread more elastic, a few years ago. Doesn't taste as good as it used to, but still good.
            Adonis pita is good for keeping your hands clean.

            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              Bet a coupon would change your tune. Given the volume of pita Adonis sells, there must be lots of clean hands in Mississauga. Don't seem to be "English," either.

          2. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            adonis' house pita has always been shit
            baklava is good though
            despite the sizable arab population in montreal, there are few sources of good pita - which leads me to believe that thin and dry is their preference

            1. re: frogsteak

              Thin (and dry if not stored properly) is the norm for Arab Pita. Thick and chewy is the norm for Greek pita.

              1. re: foodie_mtl

                Thin and dry was not the norm at any of the bakeries I went to when I lived in Jordan, and they were certainly Arab. Many were thick like the "Greek" pitas we get here, but generally all were used up so quickly that they didn't have a chance to get dry and tough.

                1. re: trombasteve

                  Maybe my memory is failing me. Having lived in Kuwait and Jordan for 10 years, we always had thin pitas.

                  1. re: foodie_mtl

                    Lebanese and Syrian are really thin.My experience limited experience because I have travel problems in these countries unless I get sent to terminate a badguy.

                    Iraqui and Egyptian pita are and thick, spongy but unlike Greek, they have an airpocket.

          3. Given Loblaws talent for screwing up, I'm not certain Arz will fly. There's more to this highly diverse market than pita and baklava--something Metro/Adonis are still puzzling-out in the GTA.

            Strange that an Arz location long-planned at Dundas and Cawthra in Mississauga morphed into a NoFrills.

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            1. re: Kagemusha

              I dunno, they seem to have handled the T&T buyout without changing much of what made that place successful, aside from the presence of a few President's Choice items in the aisles. I'm hoping it'll be the same case here.

              As for the Dundas and Cawthra location, I'm assuming that Arz chose that location before the buyout, and that Loblaws has bigger/better plans for the area (that was kind of a sketchy location).

              1. re: Michael N

                Perhaps T&T was bigger, better-established and so more resistant to Loblaws involvement. Several Middle Eastern grocers have come and gone along that stretch of Dundas. NoFrills is probably a better fit for that somewhat under-serviced area.

              2. re: Kagemusha

                Actually with the T&T I see quiet a few T&T inhouse branded products at Loblaws....though Im not sure how they will handle the Arz takeover...

                1. re: warlock

                  My Lowblaws affiliate now carries pork floss (crispy/regular).

              3. The news definitely came as a bit of a shock. With only 1 Arz location, one must ask....what the hell was Loblaws thinking?

                It is much easier for companies to grow their bottom line through acquisition then it is through originality and hardwork, so that's definitely part of it. But the thing is Arz is a pretty small store, and it's not really a well-known brand outside of Scarborough/North York.


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                1. re: pakmode

                  But if they do it right, they have a template (and all the suppliers set up) to just fire up the cookie cutter and stamp out 30 more stores in a flash.

                  The odd thing is that they are shrinking the amount of ethic products in some no Frills stores and "whitening" them (the Carlaw location is an example of this) while moving in this new direction. But it may work , as the target audience is just about the fastest growing.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    Loblaws has been one of the most poorly run companies in Canada the past decade. Supply-chain and inventory management issues and poor expansion have been some of the issues.

                    I have little faith they know what they're doing with the bevy of acquisitions they've made the past few years.

                    1. re: pakmode

                      I can't disagree with what you said. Maybe they are thinking if you can't beat them, buy them!

                    2. re: foodyDudey

                      No Frills are franchises so product assortment is not driven by Loblaws. If it's "whitening" it's the owner's decision and reflects their customers needs/wants.

                    3. re: pakmode

                      pakmode, I think Loblaws was thinking that Arz is a spectacularly well-run, well-laid out, and well-stocked store that's highly successful if not universally known. Now add deep pockets to that mix and you have a recipe for expansion.

                      1. re: Googs

                        First action in order is fixing up the Arz parking lot.

                        The craters are too much like Beirut, and not enough like Brampton, home of Loblaws HQ.