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May 7, 2014 11:46 AM

First Time in London - Meal Plan Thoughts

Will be in London by myself for only two days and have currently secured reservations for:
Friday Lunch - Dinner by Heston
Friday Dinner - Hedone
Saturday Lunch - The Ledbury
Saturday Dinner - ???

What do you guys think of this current meal plan and do you have any recommendations for dinner on Saturday? Doesn't have to be high end, just looking for any can't miss restaurants. I also don't want to travel too far and will be staying right by Hyde Park. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe St.John, since your in London...Hedone and Ledbury is as good as it gets. Havent been to Dinner. Not close to Hyde Park though,but I will say its a must in London.

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    1. re: jorn77

      thanks jorn, st john was on my list as well. would you recommend their bar menu or their regular menu?

      would you also happen to have any recommendations for dining in brighton?

      1. re: nate6986

        Just been in the restaurant. If you`ve got the the time I would have prefered the it from the bar, and order what they do best, offal and such. Hearty food.
        Have the tasting menu at Ledbury and carte blanche at Hedone.
        Never been to Brighton unfortunately. But suspect there should be some nice seafood..

        1. re: jorn77

          What are your thoughts on the clove club?

          1. re: nate6986

            I havent been, but what they did before has reciveved much praise.. They recently also got in the 100 best list, so maybe hard to get a table.

        2. re: nate6986

          It's a few years since I ate in Brighton but the pubs in the "Ginger" group are presumably still good - Ginger Pig, Ginger Dog, Gingerman.

          1. re: Harters

            i actually made reservations for all three! thanks

            1. re: nate6986

              You may find the Pig and Dog are quite similar as both do pub food, Gingerman is more formal. I like them all, but a few years since I was in Brighton and I thought the food scene had evolved a lot since then so the Gingerman group had more competition.

              1. re: PhilD

                Ah, ok thanks for the heads up. Any suggestions for quality seafood in the area?

                1. re: nate6986

                  Riddle & Finn's in either the South Lanes or on the beach.

      2. They are all places I would love to go to, but would not attempt two meals that special and of that size in a day!

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        1. re: Theresa

          I was going to say the same thing, Theresa. I can't imagine eating like that for both lunch and dinner. I'm going to meet a friend at The Square next month for lunch and don't expect to eat for a day before or after. :-)

          1. re: zuriga1

            That was definitely a concern of mine but I figure I'm going to be doing a lot of walking during the weekend and I'm also not sure when I will be in London again. If anything, I will try to restrain to eating light for one of the meals each day :) When in London right?

            However, if I were to cut out one of the places listed above, what do you guys suggest?

            1. re: nate6986

              I haven't eaten at Dinner, but from what I've heard and read, I think that's the one I'd skip. Listen, if you are young and walk a lot, eat like this if you can! You don't have to have a dessert with each meal... well, on second thought...

              I'm glad you're headed to Hedone. I found it fantastic.

              1. re: zuriga1

                Would you recommend going carte blanche at Hedone?

                thanks for your input!

                1. re: nate6986

                  I`ve been just once and I had the carte blanche. And I dont regret it..If you search the board you will find my menu from last summer.

                  1. re: nate6986

                    We did the carte blanche... a wonderful experience.

          2. The original comment has been removed