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May 7, 2014 10:13 AM

Hershey/Grantville Suggestions?

I will be going to the Springsteen concert in Hershey next week, staying in Grantville. Are there any local places close by that have good food for lunch & dinner? I'd hate to get swept into a chain restaurant.

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  1. Spent a couple of days in Hersey last summer and surprisingly my favoriate food stop was Troegs Brewing Co. Its billed as a snack bar (and you do you order at the counter and take your food back to your seat) but it was serious food (not just snacks - we had dinner there) inventive and quite good. I recommend the Mad Elf fondue. And its good place to have a beer or two :) Now, we were traveling with kids so could not be too high end or adventurous. We also ate at Sorrentos and Chocolate Ave Grill which were ok but nothing special.

    1. We have family in the area and I really like Trevi at the Hershey Hotel for lunch, especially if it nice enough to sit outside. The patio is lovely with great views.

      We like to hit the lounge for drinks first (the lounge decor and the surrounding common areas are really stunning)t then a leisurely lunch at Trevi.

      I assume it is also open for dinner, we just always go for lunch.

      The hotel is just up the hill from the concert parking.