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Chicago Hot Dogs in SF? Da Beef Closed (crying inside)

Does anyone know where I can get a Real Deal Chicago Hot Dog in SF? Vienna Beef is a must, as is giardiniera, and sport peppers. Is it possible that I have to travel to the suburbs for a real hot dog? Chowhound, Say it ain't so!!

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  1. Do you know of one in the suburbs? Not that I am that desperate for a Chicago dog, but I'd check it out.

    In any event, that's a tough one in the City; there are actually quite a few places that will give you an almost-Chicago dog that might be off on a couple of things, but if you really need the sport peppers... the only place I can think of that went to the trouble of supplying sport peppers was Moishe's Pippic, which unfortunately is closed (the city is falling to pot, i tell you!), and as much as I loved that place, that dog would have been considered mediocre by Chicago standards.

    1. The places I've gotten them have all gone out of business.

      I have not been to Chicago's Metropolitan Deli in Pleasanton or Fletch's in San Mateo:


      1. Roy's Chicago Doggary is pretty good, but it is all the way north in Petaluma.


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          As close as it gets around here. They have a hot dog and half beef combo that cures two cravings at a time.

        2. The one that I know that really does it right is in Walnut Creek: Stadium Dog. Or maybe it's now "Stadium Pub" or something smiler. They ship in the peppers, relish, buns, the works. Started off as a window behind a bar, and then they expanded to become the bar. Still the same dogs though!

          Also in San Jose is a franchise of Al's Beef, a Chicago Italian Beef place (sell hot dogs too). Haven't been here, but love them in Chicago.

          Thanks very much for the tips! I also saw (online) the Windy City BBQ and Pizza, and am interested in trying it. Most of the reviews I read were about the pizza (and the reviews were quite mixed).

          I am still hoping to find one in the city somewhere...

          1. While picking up my muffaletta olive salad at Cost Plus I noticed a jar "Original Hot Chicago Giardinera".
            And I didn't see them but they got them.

            1. Diablo Dish mentioned Chicago hot dog truck Street Dogs; they posted that they're at Soma StreatFood Park today until 3pm.

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                  Thanks Robert, I tried to visit that truck but made it too late. They certainly look like they've got the goods! Just got to catch them in the city again. Thanks very much!!

              1. The closest (very close) was Da Beef street cart on Folsom, now gone.

                The only true Chicago dog is in CHICAGO.

                Moishes was weak.

                SF/Bay Area has always been lame at deli food. There are no true delis in N. Calif. Just pretenders. L.A. has some real ones. There will not be any new authentic delis because it harkens to a time long gone. East Coast still rules. Chicago has some great delis.