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May 7, 2014 09:56 AM

Chicago Hot Dogs in SF? Da Beef Closed (crying inside)

Does anyone know where I can get a Real Deal Chicago Hot Dog in SF? Vienna Beef is a must, as is giardiniera, and sport peppers. Is it possible that I have to travel to the suburbs for a real hot dog? Chowhound, Say it ain't so!!

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  1. Do you know of one in the suburbs? Not that I am that desperate for a Chicago dog, but I'd check it out.

    In any event, that's a tough one in the City; there are actually quite a few places that will give you an almost-Chicago dog that might be off on a couple of things, but if you really need the sport peppers... the only place I can think of that went to the trouble of supplying sport peppers was Moishe's Pippic, which unfortunately is closed (the city is falling to pot, i tell you!), and as much as I loved that place, that dog would have been considered mediocre by Chicago standards.

    1. The places I've gotten them have all gone out of business.

      I have not been to Chicago's Metropolitan Deli in Pleasanton or Fletch's in San Mateo:

      1. Roy's Chicago Doggary is pretty good, but it is all the way north in Petaluma.

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          As close as it gets around here. They have a hot dog and half beef combo that cures two cravings at a time.

        2. The one that I know that really does it right is in Walnut Creek: Stadium Dog. Or maybe it's now "Stadium Pub" or something smiler. They ship in the peppers, relish, buns, the works. Started off as a window behind a bar, and then they expanded to become the bar. Still the same dogs though!

          Also in San Jose is a franchise of Al's Beef, a Chicago Italian Beef place (sell hot dogs too). Haven't been here, but love them in Chicago.

          Thanks very much for the tips! I also saw (online) the Windy City BBQ and Pizza, and am interested in trying it. Most of the reviews I read were about the pizza (and the reviews were quite mixed).

          I am still hoping to find one in the city somewhere...

          1. While picking up my muffaletta olive salad at Cost Plus I noticed a jar "Original Hot Chicago Giardinera".
            And I didn't see them but they got them.