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May 7, 2014 09:52 AM

Christmas or Thanksgiving in July?

I think that it is fun to do a full-on Thanksgiving in the summer (another thread brought this up for me but I thought that it deserves it's own). My sister's birfday is in June, and once, I decorated the house with lights and had a full-on Christmas dinner as a surprise party. Anyone else do this?

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  1. I used to do Christmas in July, but to be even more contrary, I'd have the party in August. Then in January, I'd do an indoor BBQ (this in an apartment in Manhattan) making ribs, poatato salad, cole slaw, the works.

    People used to get a kick out of it, and I'll wager they still would.

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      It's also kick to prepare a full on Chinese dinner for Christmas, rather than the traditional. I like to shake it up a bit. But it depends on the audience/family on what one can do. The summertime Thanksgiving goes pretty well, but shaking up a Christmas/holiday menu is more difficult.

    2. Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and dressing is one of my favorite meals!

      I haven't made it as big of an event but I have made a somewhat modified Thanksgiving feast in the summer. One of the biggest pluses is having vine ripe tomatoes available for the leftover turkey sandwiches!

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        I do make turkey, dressing and all the fixings a few times a year. It is also one of my favorite meals. Don't bother with decorations or anything, but do enjoy the food.

      2. I did a sort of Thanksgiving in April this year to welcome home my good friend who came to visit - discovered a turkey on the grill is a beautiful thing - YUM

        1. In Quebec in July sometime there is a day called Noel des Campers. Christmas for campers, people exchange gifts, decorate in July. We could all use some Christmas fun anytime!

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              It is a fun idea and campers really get into it.

          1. My husband and I do Thanksgiving in May. It's so fun - nice weather, no family drama, etc. We're defrosting the turkey next week!