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May 7, 2014 08:27 AM

Snyder's Willow Grove

Looks like they are closing after 77 years.

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  1. Are you kidding? It's Baltimore "old school" dining. Went there in January and had a really good dinner of Crab Imperial. The cuisine isn't trendy, but reliably good. FoiGras

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      Doesn't look like it has anything to do with lack of business.

      1. First Howard's and now Snyder's. The Grim Reaper is hitting Linthicum hard these days.

        1. I read the article you graciously supplied regarding the closing of Snyder's Restaurant. It is sad to see a local mainstay having to go out of business on account of the weather conditions. Just like the people who lost their automobiles last week when the retaining wall collapsed. One of those person's who lost his car was informed by his insurance company, that there was no coverage for "natural disasters." I know this isn't a forum for my soapbox with regards to insurance companies.....

          But, I believe that we will miss Snyder's, but can understand that a family owned business can only withstand so many disasters. I recall Flood Agnes in 1972--I was quite young and my parents drove us over to see the damage once the waters receded, Fortunately, the family was able to rebuild, but they were much younger. Just like the businesses in Ellicott City that year.

          I hope that another Snyder's-type restaurant will re-emerge within the area. The area needs a locally owned restaurant that isn't trying to be trendy (even though that is also a good thing). Perhaps they could open somewhere on Washington Boulevard near the WalMart. Although, I suspect the rents for any facility in that area would be prohibitive.

          Counting on you Chowhounds who really enjoyed dining over the years at Snyder's to, perhaps, come up with some suggestions. Good people deserve good things and the help that they need. FoiGras

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            I would say that the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie shoots for the same "old school" vibe and market demographic as Snyder's did. I'll leave to others to assess how the two compare as far as food quality, service, etc.

            I did see one article about the closing of Snyder's where a representative of the family indicated that they are at least considering looking for another location - presumably one not in a floodplain.