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May 7, 2014 08:22 AM

Beaune Dinner Sunday Night?

Hi all -- first time poster!

I have been reading the postings here and some other sites but I am struggling to find a restuarant that will be open on Sunday night for my husband and I when we will be arriving from a weekend wedding in Germany, probably around 2/3 pm. Planning to do Ma Cuisine on Monday night and these will be our only two nights. Not really interested in star places/prices (or foam - sorry!) and would like good local food in a fun atmosphere ( Le P'tit Pardis or Caveau des Arches would have been top choices if they were open). I'd prefer a reservation to not have to worry on a travel day -- but are there places we should consider that we can walk in? What about any good wine/food bars? DH would probably just walk into anywhere but I don't want to "waste" one of only two nights in a tourist trap open on Sundays.

Want to stay in town, so we don't need to drive.


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  1. Fun + local + good food + Sunday evening + inside Beaune

    could you streamline your conditions ?

    The problem is that Beaune is a dead town Sunday night. Sunday is the traditional closing day. It is hard enough to find any restaurant open, even a bad one. Plus, you don't want starred places or leave Beaune.

    Le Bénaton is open Sunday evening. Good food, fussy presentation and fussy service. It would not be my first or second or third choice, but Sunday evening without a kitchen ? It's not the worst place to be stuck in. -- It certainly cannot be described as fun.

    Le Montrachet has very good food is open Sunday evening, but it is not inside Beaune. It is not glum but is more romantic than really fun.

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      Ha- fair enough. I've seen so many folks get rimmed for being too general - what's good in Paris? -- I didn't want to be one of them.

      Thanks for a reply...any advice is good.

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        Pargi is right, Sunday is a difficult day.

        Others not already on the list above are L'Ardoise (haven't been yet myself, but I hear it is good) and Cheval Noir. I've heard mixed reports on Cheval Noir, but I've had good experiences there. Food is good, decor is a bit meh.

        Another good option nearby in Pommard is Aupres du Clocher.

      2. You could try Bissoh, excellent Japanese fusion food and a very good wine list. I think Le Conty is also open Sunday night.

        As others have suggested you may be better off heading out of Beaune. Pommard is only a 10 minute cab ride out of town and Aupres de Clocher is some of the best food on the Cote. Le Montrachet is also very good in Puligny.


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          Isn't Auprès le Clocher closed Sunday ?
          The whole problem is that the OP wants a restaurant for Sunday night, and in Beaune.

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            It was open Sundays unless it has changed. Which of course is always possible.

        2. not sure what the hours are, but we really enjoyed the wine bar Part des Anges on 24 bis rue d'Alsace inside Beaune. It's worth checking out. Excellent food and service, and really good wines available by the glass.

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