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May 7, 2014 07:51 AM

Best fries?

One of our favorite places to eat before a concert at the Kimmel Center is the Oyster House on Sansom Street. And one of my favorite choices there - after the oysters and chowder - is their lobster roll.
I have to admit that I am lured by the large mound of fries that comes with it. I share them with my husband, and we eat every one.
Great fries!
Where else does one get great fries? (With good food attached, of course!)

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  1. Barbuzzo's fries that come with their short rib sandwich are really good. Parc's fries (well frites) with their lamb sandwich are really good. Of course the fries at Monk's are decent too.

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      I am a fan of Monks innauthentic fries with their moules.

      Old time favorites include gravy fries at Nick Roast Beef, Spanish fries at Copacabana
      Duck fat fries at Village Idiot
      Sweet Potato Fries at Good Dog
      Cajun Fries at the Grey Lodge.

    2. I am becoming a fan of the fries at Porto (the place that replaced Carman's) on 11th and Wharton. They are thick cut and have a nice "snap" to them. As for the good food attached to them, order the Yo Cuz. It's a chicken cutlet sandwiched between two bacon-cheddar waffles drizzled with jalapeƱo-maple yogurt butter. Yummy!!

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        OMG Philly Ray - that sandwich actually exists? LOL! I'll add the fries at Sketch Burger to the mix - their burgers and other foods are wonderful too!

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          Yeah, Porto is pretty good for brunch/lunch. The chef/owner is very personable and they also provide you with a variety of house made hot sauces. Definitely worth checking out.

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            Interesting, I've walked by it a few times since it opened but never went in. Maybe I will.

      2. Best fries in the city, hands down, are at Eulogy. Unfortunately, the rest of the menu has gone way downhill. Go at happy hour and get the frites and a beer and end it there.

        1. European Republic and Hot Diggity are cheap joints with very good fries..

          1. In the far burbs Jesses Barbecue in Souderton has great fries and heavenly sweet potato fries. They are closed on sundays and mondays though.