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May 7, 2014 06:32 AM

Baltimore casual but good? Near Hotel Monaco or Ottobar?

We're coming up to Baltimore from NoVA on Friday for a show at Ottobar, and decided to get a hotel room at the Monaco and make a mini-getaway of it. I'm stumped on dinner though - I was thinking of Cazbar, but that looks fancier than we want if we're on our way to Ottobar (plus it seems to have *very* mixed reviews).

Any cuisine is fine, husband is a pescatarian though so veggie or fish options are preferred.


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  1. Cazbar is not at all fancy, and was good (not exceptional) the one time I visited. Iggies for pizza and BYOB is in the same general area and the 'za is excellent. Tapas Teatro also nearby and quite good.

    1. Second the Iggies recommendation (note it's BYOB). Also consider the Brewer's Art for the "urban cool" triple play.

      1. You may want to check out Forno near Monaco and Parts & Labor near Ottobar

        1. You may want to try Puerto 511 off Cathedral Street near Saratoga. Very good Peruvian, excellent cerviche. They are very small, I recommend a reservation.

          1. Cazbar is VERY casual. I'd rank it as just ok-- definitely nothing special to experience. One good option that hasn't been mentioned yet is Biroteca, which is fairly close to the Ottobar. Excellent fresh pizzas and their grilled calamari appetizer is absolutely delicious-- it melts in your mouth. Also, they have a great drink menu and it's in a neat, renovated space. Enjoy your visit!!!!

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              Thanks! Think we would need reservations for Birroteca on a Friday night? I have no idea what our schedule is going to be like.

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                You should probably make a reservation--this is a "big" restaurant weekend on account of Mother's Day. Many people elect to take Mom out on Friday or Saturday instead of dealing with the crowds on Sunday.

                In addition, the weather is really getting to be beautiful, and after the horrendous winter we encountered people are anxious to get out and make up for all of the days they were snowed in. FoiGras

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                It is probably a moot point by now (Sunday), but Birroteca and the Ottobar are at least two miles apart.