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May 7, 2014 04:05 AM

Seattle visit

Memorial Day weekend in Seattle
Looking for suggestions......restaurants,sites, day trip...etc

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  1. We have no idea where you are staying, where you come from, what you enjoy, your budget....there is no frame of reference ~at all~ upon which to make suggestions.

    Respectfully suggest that you read through some of the existing threads on this board to get some sense of the city's range of dining experiences and then let us know how we can help narrow down your choices based on specific objectives.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Best dining in Bellevue probably is in strip malls. That's where most of the retail space is (beyond the downtown highrises).

        1. re: paulj

          I think the only Bellevue restaurant I regularly enjoy that is not in a strip mall is *almost* in a strip mall (Monsoon East).

          1. re: equinoise

            monsoon east is delicious. cafe juanita in kirkland is fantastic. bangkok basil (redmond) and noodle boat (issaquah) have good thai food (though i'm not sure they can beat out little uncle or thai curry simple, particularly considering the extra inconvenience). tosoni's in bellevue *is* in a strip mall, but the italian/european cuisine will make you forget that quickly.
            good luck.

            1. re: chartreauxx

              All in Bellevue strip malls: Bamboo Garden, Facing East, El Comal, Garlic Crush, Persepolis, Kukai, Little Garden, Spice Route, Spiced.

              1. re: equinoise

                looks can be deceiving... books and covers and all.

                1. re: equinoise

                  Sorry, El Comal is no more--they were closed and gone last time I tried going there, a couple of months ago.

                  1. re: MsMaryMc

                    What a shame. Is Salvadorean Bakery still open?

                    1. re: equinoise

                      As far as I know, they are. I like the pupusas at Salva Mex , down the road in Burien, better, so I don't get over there much.

                      1. re: equinoise

                        I drove by there on the way home from the airport last week. It appeared to open, though I did not stop.

                        1. re: equinoise

                          They're still open. I stopped by to pick up a tres leches cake and some flan for a Cinco de Mayo potluck two weeks ago.

            2. First budget trip
              Looking for ideas for restaurants,and day trips
              thank you

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                1. re: Simon3

                  Okay, maybe I can spell it out more clearly...can you tell us what kind of foods and restaurants you like? Seafood, steaks, basic American comfort food, "healthy," fresh local farm-to-table dishes, "ethnic" foods (and which ones?), trendy and adventurous, classic and familiar, etc.? Any food allergies, aversions, or quests that should figure in? Does the wine list matter? or the beer selection? If you have no particular budget, do you want to stick to high-end places, or will you be happy with a few great, cheap dives? Do you like elegant and formal places, casual, romantic, lively, funky, great views, a young hip crowd, more older patrons, or...? What parts of town are you going to be in? Will you have a car to get to out-of-the-way locations? Are you willing to take transit, or taxis? What about places outside the city--is that an option? Where are you from, so we don't recommend foods you can probably get as good or better at home?

                  As far as day trips...suppose first you take the time to give us something to work with on the dining, and then maybe people will feel more inclined to make an effort and help plan your visit for you. If you can't be bothered, you really can't expect us to, either.

                2. I was just looking for doesn't matter where we are staying....or where we come allergies or eating habits.
                  I should have posted.....Send me the names of your favorite restaurant.....and I'll do my own research
                  If you were coming to New York....I could give you ten place of different price points and food for you to research for yourself and decide.
                  If I knew I was going to be berated I wouldn't have written on this board

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                  1. re: Simon3

                    When I moved away from SF many years ago, a new co-worker asked me my favorite restaurant there. I looked at him like he was speaking Martian. Totally unanswerable ...without qualifiers. IMO.

                    1. re: Simon3

                      Simon3, the entire Seattle board is full of threads that are filled with comments praising individual restaurants. My "favorite" among the hundreds of restaurants around Puget Sound depends on what sort of cuisine I want, atmosphere, what level of service and formality, what neighborhood, etc., which is why we hoped you would narrow down your interests and objectives a bit to give us a toehold.

                      Imagine if every visitor just asked the locals for their "ten best" lists, or single favorite restaurant, with no further specificity. That would make Chow a very tedious and redundant exercise.

                      Sorry you feel you have been berated, if you do take some time to read through other threads you'll see that there are some very nice and helpful souls who inhabit the Seattle board.

                      1. re: Gizmo56

                        And every time we come to visit our daughter and her family, you folks always help me out.

                      2. re: Simon3

                        Here's a random list of 10 of my favorite places at the moment:

                        1. Monsoon
                        2. Revel
                        3. Facing East (in Bellevue, which is across the water from Seattle)
                        4. Kedai Makan
                        5. Shanik
                        6. Little Uncle
                        7. Pestle Rock
                        8. Salumi
                        9. Green Leaf
                        10. Mezcaleria Oaxaca

                        1. re: creepygirl

                          revel has gone downhill lately. IMO.

                          1. re: chartreauxx

                            El Cabrito. La Teranga. La Medusa. Le Pichet.

                            Olympic National Park. Olympic Sculpture Park. Olympus Spa.

                            Mt. Rainier. Rain Shadow. Rainin' Ribs.

                          2. re: creepygirl

                            My 10 for the *moment* (I am fickle)

                            Elysian Bar
                            Little Uncle
                            The Octopus Bar
                            Il Corvo
                            The 5 Point
                            Seven Stars Pepper
                            Ma'Ono Fried Chicken & Whisky

                            1. re: Brunhilde

                              Tell me more about The Octopus Bar. It's stumbling distance from my house but I haven't been. Good cocktails? What about food?

                              1. re: Lauren

                                I've only had the Charcuterie Plate, which was fine once they gave me some mustard to go with it. My friend had one of the flatbreads, which was good. The biggest draw for me is the space, they had so much fun with every nook and cranny. They pour a mean cocktail, and if you go at the right time of day (ummm avoid kid hipster hour) the people are fun and relaxed.

                                1. re: Lauren

                                  I haven't eaten there, but good cheap drinks, great atmosphere (especially the deck)

                            2. re: Simon3

                              People here care about getting good food (that's also why you're here) and want you to have the absolute best experience in Seattle. They're just trying to be helpful, that's all.

                              If a random stranger on the street asked you to recommend a car for them for their next purchase, the first thing you would do is probably try to find out what they like, their needs, etc. and not recommend Brand X just because you like Brand X.

                              1. re: Simon3

                                Hi, Simon:

                                OK, Memorial Day weekend in NYC. Looking for suggestions......restaurants,sites, day trip...etc.


                                1. re: kaleokahu

                                  kaleokahu, my nominee for CH poster of the year. Hands down.

                                2. re: Simon3

                                  From your profile, this is the first thread that you have posted on. I'm sure you could write an informative reply about New York. But what you do after seeing the same general question 10 times?