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Muffuletta Olive Salad.

Any available in the Bay Area? The lowest cost per ounce on Amazon is about 30 cents/oz if I order 1 gallon but that is a storage problem and a awful lot of sandwiches.

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  1. I bought some Central Grocery brand from Calabria Bros. on 17th in SF a while ago. They have since moved to Mission Street in the Excelsior. I recall it being really expensive, but less than flying to New Orleans for my fix.

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      Thanks will try them at the new place on mission.

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        That's not far from the Alemeny flea market?

      2. Boscoli, 16oz, $6.82; 32oz, $9.81:


        Plenty of other stuff you'll want to order from them- reasonable shipping charges, I'm a regular customer.

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          The Boscoli is available at Cost Plus World Market, too. I don't recall the price, though.

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            Hadn't seen it there, thanks.

            Dare we hope they bring back Duke's mayo?

            1. Genova Deli has what they call olive spread. On a sandwich, It makes for a reasonable facsimile of a muffaletta. I usually have it on mortadella and galantina.

              1. A couple of jars of Mezzetta's giardinera, a jar of mixed olives, some olive oil and a food processor.

                1. My god. Just slice a handful of green pimiento-stuffed olives, add freshly made garlicky vinaigrette and oregano, let sit a few hours before using. No effort at all, and it keeps some time, refrigerated, and makes a fine muffaletta condiment in my experience.

                  One thing that every US grocer -- including neighborhood mom-and-pop and 7-11 convenience stores -- seems to carry is pimiento-stuffed green olives.

                  For any other fellow Central Grocery fans who happen for some reason to be purists, Mariani (the food writer, whom you are likely to tun into in New Orleans sooner or later if you spend serious time there) gives, in his reference book, Central Grocery's "olive vegetable condiment" as made of green and Greek olives, pimientos, olive oil, garlic, vinegar, oregano, parsley, cauliflower, celery, "and other vegetables." (Mine is much simpler, but imparts a roughly similar palate impression in a well-stuffed sandwich.) Stuffing at Central Grocery: ham, Genoa and mortadella salami, cheeses, and the olive salad (Mariani further reports).

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                    Jeff Mauro added jarred jardiniere to his and pulsed it in the food processor. I tried it and really liked it.

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                      Yes, I thought of commercial "Italian" picked vegetables (which I grew up with) when I saw Mariani's "... cauliflower and other vegetables" -- and also thought of it occasionally in New Orleans, when viewing the insides of Central Grocery's muffs. Which is inevitable, if you buy them by the half or quarter. Which many people do, given that a muff. at its original source is huge, enough to feed 4-8 reasonable appetites.

                      But the most evident component in Central's "olive salad" was always green olives and pimientos and the signature flavoring oregano, in my experiences.

                  2. Thank you everyone. While I do enjoy starting from scratch* in many cases, when it comes to getting the ingredients that are necessary for the olive salad ( green olives with pimentos, black olives, pickled cauliflower, carrots, celery, pepperoncini, cocktail onions, capers etc) I would rather have a jar of someone else's.
                    * http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9668...

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                      Out of curiosity, wolfe, where did you get that ingredients list? I didn't see it in your linked cooking thread for the muffuletta bread.

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                        I think that in Mr. Salvatore's original recipe the cauliflower, carrots, celery, and peppers came from a jar of giardiniera, and the pimientos came from a jar of stuffed green olives.

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                          It's Emeril's. I also enjoy his vegetable terrine with goat cheese.