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May 7, 2014 01:46 AM

Pina Colada curd (recipe ideas?)

I have a jar of this lovely pina colada curd (like lemon curd, only with pineapple and coconut liqueur) and want to bake something with it. Any ideas?

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  1. I would use it as a filling with a white layer cake, then frost the cake with coconut frosting. I'm also wondering if you could substitute the pina colada curd for lemon curd in any lemon square recipe, but I'm thinking it might be too sweet. It would probably also be good sandwiched between two sugar cookies.

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    1. Pina colada curd pie with an almond cookie crust and whipped coconut cream topping. Could make a nice topping for cheesecake as well.

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        I like the sound of this! Or maybe some sort of bar or tartlet with an almondy base and a coconut meringue...hmmm...

      2. Oh my gosh, that sounds fabulous. Where did you buy it?

        I like the sound of the white cake with coconut frosting.

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          It's made by a company in the UK, Cherry Tree Preserves.

        2. Pina Colada shortbread.Then make coarse crumbs from the shortbread and use it to make a trifle layered with coconut pudding and whipped cream!

          1. First of all, pina colada curd sounds fabulous. I want. Next, how about this?

            It is actually easy to do the braid part and it looks amazing. I made it for people at work and they loved it. I made two, one with lemon curd and one with nutella and strawberries. Both a hit.

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                Yay!! Let us know how it turns out. I'm going to track some pina colada curd for myself soon!