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May 6, 2014 10:13 PM

which wine shops for a 48 hour visit?

Visiting from Boston for two nights. Staying in LES. Have been to Appellation and Discovery in the past. Planning on Chambers St. this time around. Any other recommendations? Is Crush worth the trek? Trying to keep as local as possible due to the limited time I have. Focus is on sherries and jura.

Also visiting wine bars but that's for my other post. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. Crush is a nice shop and it's not far from Sherry Lehmann, which could also be worth visiting. Astor has a nice selection of sherries. I'd definitely recommend going there. My own quest for a jura led me to Mr Wright's Fine Wine, far up on the UES. They're the only shop listed to have Chateau d'Arlay. It was well worth the trip.

    1. Speaking just of Sherry, crush is definitely worth a visit, they generally have a nice selection of esoterica, limited release en ramas, la bota #, etc. and I would be shocked if they didn't have some Vin Jaune and Arbois kicking around. Between Chambers and crush you may also want to spend a couple of minutes at Vinos y Mas on Broome St. tiny shop, but has a good and usually interesting Sherry selection (no Jura here though).

      1. Chambers is the best bet from the Jura and good for sherry (and everything else).

        You should add Astor to your list, as it is convenient and probably second best for both categories, perhaps best on price. Last time I was there, the new releases of Houillon-Overnoy wines were just sitting on the shelf in the cold room, first come, first serve, one bottle limit of each. (That lasted 10 minutes, but still...)

        If you happen to walk by Union Square Wines, they have some good Jura and occasional good prices, if they are doing they 30% off a case deal especially. OK sherry, too.

        Crush is very nice, but not convenient. The other shop that is good in both categories is PJ's, but that is really out of your way.

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          What about the wine shop at Despana?

          1. re: mitchleeny

            Don't know why I didn't think to mention D'Espana. It has become my favorite place to shop. The staff is so knowledgeable, generous, and patient. It's truly a fantastic store in every regard.

            1. re: mitchleeny

              That is Vinos y Mas that I mentioned above...

              1. re: Alan Henderson

                Yep, didn't realize that was its name!

          2. astor has the best collection of sherries ive seen...and liquor.

            id also steer you to le du on washington street for jura and other french wines. ive found that chambers street wines lives off of reputation rather than selection and service. it's ok...just not my favorite or the best.

            1. Whoa, thanks for the detailed info on the shops as well as suggestions of new ones I would not have found out about otherwise. I'm going to have to plan my two days with military precision in order to visit all the shops.

              I know this is a very long shot but tazerowe's mention of the Houillon-Overnoy gave me the courage to ask a silly question: Has anyone seen any Lopez de Heredia Rosado around? The 2000 is long gone where I live and I'm kicking myself for not having bought more when I had the chance.

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                Sadly, they haven't made a rosado in a few years, and word of that leaked, so there was a real run on it here. I also failed to take heed, and now haven't seen it in a while. I understand the next vintage is 2008, scheduled for a 2016 release.

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                  Yes I'm counting the years until I can enjoy their Rosado again. But I always hope that I will come across some dusty neglected bottles of the last release.

                  A producer currently not available here is Dard et Ribo. Would you happen to know any shops that regularly carry this Dressner wine?

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                    Union Square Wines lists their Crozes Hermitage, Hermitage and St. Joseph available.

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                      OK, we are way off topic here, but I just came across the fact that Rose Water in Brooklyn has the 2000 Tondonia Rosado on the wine list. So, a restaurant rather than a shop, but if you really need a fix...

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                        How tragic that I have already come and gone! Now I'll have to return to focus on Brooklyn. Thanks for the tip. Again, kind of off topic but are there any wine bars or shops you like there?

                        1. re: tazerowe

                          Took a look at their list, no doubt outdated but what a great list. They are now on my radar. Thanks again.