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Food or drink that gets you out of bed in the morning ?

Just coffee for me. Not even bacon.

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  1. Coffee. But I make breakfast with egg, toast, bacon almost always. Sometimes we go out for breakfast though.

    1. Cold lasagna. I'll be up at the crack of dawn if I know there's leftover lasagna in the fridge. Home made or restaurant, doesn't matter.

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        Same answer. Last time I jumped out of bed for food was for a spinach and butternut squash lasagna.

      2. homemade iced blended mocha using valrhona cocoa powder.

        1. Coffee. Well, truth be told, switching the espresso maker to "on"; that's what gets me out of bed. Then I take the coffee back to bed with me :)

          1. I have to get out of bed to make my morning tea, but it is the first thing I want. If I'm visiting, and someone's cooking bacon, that smell *will* get me out of bed. I still want my tea first. :)

            1. Ice cream and a slice or two of leftover pizza.

              1. Coffee does it for me, but the combination of coffee perking and bacon frying is hard to beat.

                1. Just coffee. Eating in the morning would send me back to bed.

                  1. Quaker 'Oatmeal to Go' Brown Sugar Cinnamon bars with a cup of coffee.

                    If I'm feeling fancy, I'll even nuke it for 10 seconds and place the oatmeal bar on a plate.

                    These things are so good I have to hide them. I could honestly pass on a whole meal and just wolf down a half dozen of them at one time if the box was sitting out in plain sight.

                    1. Diet coke (and a workout)

                      1. Ice cold glass botttled cane sugar Mexican Coke.

                        1. Usually a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Favorite breakfast for me.

                          1. another coffee vote, but I don't have my coffee on weekdays until I get to work (because it's free), so it's really the alarm clock that gets me out and nothing else.

                            1. I used to roll out hungry every day, now not so much. I could eat breakfast immediately, but seldom do, and on Mondays and Thursdays I'll go to my early weight-training/exercise class first, then make some killer breakfast. Eggs pretty much always, usually scrambled, but if there are interesting leftovers the egg style can vary accordingly. Leftover potatoes get browned and have two over-easies laid on top, for instance, while today's leftover stir-fry with glass noodles got the eggs scrambled into it. I do bacon very seldom nowadays, but once in a while I'll get some sausage and fry a big patty, or maybe make some sausage gravy.

                              Coffee has become much less important, too – I make just two cups (Mrs. O isn't supposed to have it anymore) and sometimes toss the last one for lack of interest.

                              1. Coffee- well, more like espresso. I use a stove top espresso maker that makes a wonderful thick dark brew. I'm unapologetically high maintenece in my coffee needs. Any breakfast is an hour or two later. (After a second round of coffee)

                                1. Ryvita crispbread and nut butter (I rotate through peanut, almond, cashew). Kind of weird, I know. I never used to eat first thing in the morning before working out because I wasn't hungry when I woke up. But then my trainer finally convinced me that I should be eating something, and that's what I settled on as a quick, fairly clean mix of carb/fat/protein. Now I wake up craving it.

                                  1. I get up and make coffee. And drink a small glass of milk or kefir while it starts brewing. And then it's two cups of coffee and milk for me while I struggle with the hair and so on. A world where I didn't have to "do something" with my hair every morning would be a good one.

                                    1. Beer!!! ;-)
                                      Actually for me, it's fresh fruit.
                                      Coffee? Blech! Completely lost my taste for it last year in the hospital.

                                      1. gets me out of bed? actually it is cat food.

                                        the cats want it, and i have to get it for them.

                                        oh, for me?

                                        i'll get up for that cold pizza in the box on the stove. or those leftover drunken noodles in the fridge.

                                        if i'm in an industrious mood, i'll fix some stone ground cheese grits and fry up a couple of eggs.

                                        1. Ditched coffee a few years ago. Now it’s either a big cup of green tea or red rose with tons and tons of 2% milk.
                                          Shortly after, it’s usually some kind of fruit.

                                          1. coffee - I cannot function without - before coffee I barely have the will to make coffee.

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                                              My coffee is so good the mere thought of it gives me the incentive to jump out of bed and grind the beans. In hotels, I tend to sleep later.

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                                                "....before coffee I barely have the will to make coffee."

                                                My sentiments exactly!!

                                              2. Five to six days a week, breakfast is a big cup of black coffee and a bowl of homemade yogurt with granola and berries.

                                                1. Generally, anything that should have been marinating overnight will really light a fire under me bum if I want to eat it that night!
                                                  I'm not a coffee person, usually a tall glass of iced tea and oatmeal or and egg or a piece of fruit.